ABC’s “Shark Tank” Welcomes Guest Shark Kevin Hart in Spring Return

Tomorrow night, ABC’s hit show Shark Tank returns for its first episode of 2022. To mark the occasion, the Tank is welcoming actor, comedian, and investor Kevin Hart as guest Shark. Will the star be able to snag a deal or will he come up short?

While Hart is a big “get” to be sure, this isn’t the first time that celebs known to the general public for their other endeavors have tried the show’s format on for size. Way back in Season 2 — in the days of Kevin Harrington — stand up comedian Jeff Foxworthy came on as guest shark. Then, in 2015, the series kicked off its seventh season by bringing on guest shark Ashton Kutcher. Even more recently, baseball star Alex Rodriguez (AKA A-Rod) has appeared on the show.

Turning back to Hart (who happens to be the third Kevin to sit in the Tank, if you’re keeping track), fans of the show will get to see new sides of the actor during his debut episode as he inquires about the companies’ plans, offers some constructive critiques, and pitches himself as the perfect Shark to take a business to the next level. Of course, the quick-witted comedian we’ve all come to know and love is also on display as Hart manages to get a few zingers in along the way. It all makes for an entertaining installment — and a great kick-off to the back half of lucky season number 13.

As for what else you’ll see this week, per usual, there’s a good mix of quirky novelties, high-concept innovations, and more. More specifically, viewers will be introduced to a clever snacking tool, watch as entrepreneurs literally try to reinvent the wheel, discover an independent comic book company looking to expand their reach, and get pitched on a platform meant to help everyday people connect with their favorite celebrities. I certainly won’t spoil which ones get a deal but, needless to say, it’s an interesting ride.

Given Shark Tank’s success with its numerous guests Sharks in the past, it’s great to see them once again bringing in a heavy hitter to mix things up. At the same time, a rotation of the core six remains in place, giving fans more of the personalities and dynamics they love from the investor panel. So get ready for many more successes, failures, and deals as Shark Tank returns to ABC January 7th.