Height Requirements For Each Attraction at Universal’s Volcano Bay

If you're traveling with little ones, a common question is how tall do you have to be for certain rides. Some rides don't have a restriction but many do. Here is a breakdown of height requirements at Universal's Volcano Bay.

48 inches or UNDER:

  • Tot Tiki Reef

54 inches or UNDER:

  • Runamukka Reef

42 Inches or Taller:

  • ika Moana of Honu ika Moana
  • Krakatau Aqua Coaster
  • Maku Puihi Round Raft Rides
  • Punga Racers
  • Taniwha Tubes
  • TeAwa The Fearless River

48 Inches or Taller:

  • Honu of Honu ika Moana
  • Kala and Tai Nui Serpentine Body Slides
  • Ko’okiri Body Plunge
  • Ohyah and Ohno Drop Slides

Children under 48 inches must wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life vest

  • Puka Uli Lagoon
  • The Reef
  • Waturi Beach

About Universal's Volcano Bay:

  • Volcano Bay wanted to have the reputation of a water park with "thrill rides".
  • There are 18 unique attractions all around the waterpark, and many of them are very daring.
  • The Ko'okiri Body Plunge is a seven degree fall through a trapdoor. You go 125 ft. down into a pool. You step into a tube, standing at a 70 degree angle as the door closes and the music gets louder and louder. The floor will drop out from under you and you will zoom down the volcano.
  • If you aren't feeling that daring, there are also raft rides that you can do. Maku Puihi offers four to six person raft options as you ride to the bottom.