Ranked: The Top 11 Attractions at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Welcome back to another “Ranked” article here on Laughing Place. In addition to visiting Carowinds for the first time, as well as making a return visit to SeaWorld San Antonio, I also recently got to check out Six Flags Fiesta Texas for the first time. This is my third Six Flags park, and it’s undeniably the best of them. With a top-notch attraction line-up and theming that any other Six Flags park could only dream of, Fiesta Texas truly is a wonderful park.

While I wasn’t able to ride absolutely everything at the park, I will be counting down my Top 11 out of the major attractions at the park. Now without any further ado, let’s countdown the Top 11 attractions at Six Flags Fiesta Texas!

11. BATMAN: The Ride

If you’ve never been on an S&S 4D Free Spin coaster before, I assure you it’s quite the strange experience. The seats on either side of the track rotate based on a number of factors, such as weight and gravity. I previously rode the exact same ride at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, and for some reason I enjoyed it a lot more there. This version felt a little rougher and wilder, when it comes to the spinning. The unpredictability really adds to the enjoyment of BATMAN: The Ride, and while short, it’s a very unique experience.

10. Scream

Scream is a large, nearly 20 stories tall drop tower. Similar to Doctor Doom’s Fearfall at Islands of Adventure, this ride first shoots you up all the way to the top before dropping you back down, providing some fun pops of airtime. While quick, the views provided from the top of the tower can’t be beat.

9. SkyScreamer

If you want a more prolonged view of the park and the surrounding area, then hop aboard the SkyScreamer. This ride is essentially a Silly Symphony Swings type ride, but far higher in the air, towering over the park’s signature quarry wall. The ride itself isn’t too thrilling, but the height adds to the terror.

8. Pirates of the Deep Sea

A unique dark ride in a Six Flags park? Believe it or not, they’re somewhat more common than you might think. Pirates of the Deep Sea opened a couple years back as a replacement for the park’s Scooby Doo-themed haunted house. Walking into this really felt like a Halloween Horror Nights house, with the smell of fog and small enclosed hallways. The queue really sets the tone for the ride quite well, and is impeccably themed, by Six Flags standards. The ride itself is a fun shooting dark ride, with targets that respond pretty well. I found myself coming back to this ride pretty often, as it never had a wait, and was a great respite from the Texas heat.

7. Goliath

Goliath is a clone of the Batman: The Ride coaster that you can find at many other Six Flags parks. This coaster often gets maligned for being cloned so much, as there are 8 in the Six Flags chain alone. But just because it’s a clone, doesn’t mean it is not an incredible ride. While small in stature, this ride made up for it with incredibly forceful and whippy maneuvers that you just don’t find on many larger inverted coasters. Bolliger & Mabillard hit it out of the park with their inverted coaster right at the beginning, and it’s still a very popular coaster type to this day.

6. WONDER WOMAN: Golden Lasso Coaster

WONDER WOMAN is one of the two first Raptor coasters from fan-favorite manufacturer Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC). The Raptor model is designed to be able to fit into a small location and be affordable for smaller parks. But don’t let that fool you, for with the single rail design of the coaster, it’s one of the most fun and intense rides out there. Sit in the front for an incredible view of not only what lies ahead, but also the rest of the park. Sitting in the back, however, will give you some incredible airtime and forces from the many elements packed into this small coaster. Yes, it is a little short, but this is one ride where quality absolutely trumps quantity. Now if I hadn’t already been on the mirrored clone of this coaster at California’s Great America, then this may have been higher up on my list. As it is, there are a few other unique rides at Fiesta Texas that impressed me a little more.  

5. SUPERMAN: Krypton Coaster

SUPERMAN: Krypton Coaster is a floorless coaster from B&M, which is worked around the existing quarry wall, diving up and down from it. That usage of the quarry wall elevates what is already a pretty great coaster. I think I do prefer the similar Kraken at SeaWorld Orlando, but this is still up there as one of the best of its type. You also can’t beat the iconic appearance of Superman atop the coaster’s largest loop!

4. Bugs’ White Water Rapids

My highest rated non-coaster is the park’s excellent log flume, Bug’s White Water Rapids. Located in the German-themed area of the park, the attraction impresses from the getgo with an impressive facade and an extremely detailed queue featuring Looney Tunes characters in Medieval garb. While the ride itself isn’t quite as immersive, it still features some fun character statues, sound effects and great views of the park. The way the layout weaves in and around the Spassburg section is really fun both on and off ride. I really enjoyed this ride and wanted to get a couple more run-throughs of it, but sadly it was closed on my second day.

3. Poltergeist

Poltergeist is a launch coaster that just received a complete makeover, adding a haunted house and graveyard queue to its existing light theming. This creates some fun suspense and buildup to what is an excellent coaster. Think of it as Rock ‘n Roller Coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but outside, much smoother, a little more intense, and only a lap bar. I wasn’t sure what I would think of Poltergeist, but I came away pleasantly surprised.

2. Road Runner Express

In planning this trip, I was really excited to check out Road Runner Express, the last Mine Train coaster designed by extinct coaster manufacturer Arrow Dynamics. The setting of this attraction on and near the quarry wall elevates it over most other rides of its type, as does its intensity. This thing really hauls! While other coasters like Poltergeist or Goliath are definitely more thrilling, this is a complete package and a must ride for anyone visiting Fiesta Texas.

1. Iron Rattler

The best attraction and coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, in addition to now being one of my favorite ever coasters, is Iron Rattler. This beast of a coaster was just the second designed by RMC, but they certainly knew what they were doing right out of the gate. As with Road Runner Express and SUPERMAN, Iron Rattler makes excellent use of the park’s quarry wall, with a fun section on top leading to an absolutely incredible drop off the quarry wall and into a tunnel. The whole ride really is breathtaking. I even liked it more than the extremely hyped Iron Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. If you’re at all a fan of roller coasters, you NEED to experience Iron Rattler!

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