Review: See How They Run

Searchlight’s See How They Run will remind you how much fun going to the movie theater can be. This “whodunnit” takes place in tandem to Agatha Christie’s play “The Mousetrap,” is filled with delightful performances, laugh-out-loud moments, and clever meta references. While familiarity with the historic play will make you appreciate the film even more, it is not necessary to appreciate the craftsmanship of the film.

Famously Agatha Christie stipulated that a filmed adaptation could not be undertaken for six months following the closure of the West End production. As the play has been going strong since 1952, See How They Run takes on the tone of a classic Christie tale while adding notes of meta-storytelling and satire. Discussing the plot would be a disservice as every reveal is a treat for the audience but the mystery is baked into the history of why a film has never been made. It also asks questions about creating new works inspired by others while embracing that concept.

Award-worthy design, cinematography, and costumes enhance the performances that are extraordinary from top to bottom. From Sam Rockwell’s inspector, to Saoirse Ronan’s constable, and to the variety of potential suspects and victims, each performance is delivered convincingly and with the sense that it was a joy to be a part of this project. If there is one word to describe the performances, it would be “delicious.”

At just over 90-minutes, the film does not overstay its welcome. And while there is no question that the underlying mystery is not at the level of one of Agatha Christie’s tales, the true delight of the film is the journey, the dialogue, and the environment the film revels in. In many ways, the film is more focused on paying tribute to the genre than executing on it. But instead of leaving the theater disappointed, this homage will make you want to revisit the classic murder mystery genre.

See How They Run is a delight. While not a perfect film, it is a well-crafted production filled with joy and smiles. In a world filled with the two extremes of explosive franchise installments or weighty indie fare, See How They Run shows there is a place for just having a lighthearted good time in a movie theater.

See How They Run will be released in theaters in the United States on September 16, 2022.