Voice Cast Announced for CBS’ Animated Special “Reindeer in Here”

CBS has announced the voice cast for the upcoming animated holiday special Reindeer in Here, airing November 29th at 9/8c.



What’s Happening:

  • Reindeer in Here, a new hour-long animated holiday special premiering November 29th on CBS, will be a star-studded affair.
  • CBS announced the voice cast today, which includes Adam Devine, Jim Gaffigan, Melissa Villaseñor, Henry Winkler, Candace Cameron Bure, Donald Faison, and Jo Koy.
  • Reindeer in Here is based on the award-winning Christmas book by Adam Reed. The author serves as an executive producer on the special and an updated edition of the book and plush set is available exclusively at Target.
  • The story follows Blizzard, a reindeer with different-sized antlers, who ends up creating a new holiday tradition with his friends when he and his friends try to save Christmas.
  • The special is written for the screen by Greg Erb and Jason Oremland (The Princess and The Frog, Monster High: The Movie)
  • Lino DiSalvo, former head of animation for Walt Disney Animation Studios, directs the special.
  • The special is produced by CBS’ Eye Animation Productions, CBS Studios’ animation arm, with animation produced by JamFilled.
  • Additional executive producers include Jonathan Koch, Sander Schwartz, Jamie Leclaire, Phil Lafrance, and Kyle Mac Dougall.
  • Reindeer in Here premieres Tuesday, November 29th, at 9/8c following a broadcast of the classic Rankin/Bass stop-motion animated special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer at 8/7c.
  • The special will also be available to stream live and on-demand on Paramount+.

Reindeer in Here Voice Cast:

  • Adam Devine voicing Blizzard “Blizz”
  • Jim Gaffigan voicing Santa
  • Melissa Villaseñor voicing Candy
  • Henry Winkler voicing Smiley
  • Candace Cameron Bure voicing Pinky
  • Donald Faison voicing Bucky
  • Jo Koy voicing Hawk
  • Gabriel Bateman voicing Theo
  • Brooke Monroe Conaway voicing Isla

Reindeer in Here Character Info:

  • Blizzard (Blizz), a young reindeer living at the North Pole who has an unusual trait – one antler that is significantly smaller than the other – voiced by actor, comedian, singer, screenwriter and producer Adam Devine.
  • Santa, voiced by Grammy-nominated comedian, actor, writer, producer, New York Times bestselling author, Emmy-winning performer, and multiplatinum-selling recording artist Jim Gaffigan.
  • Candy, the oversharing snowgirl, voiced by comedian, actor, artist and author Melissa Villaseñor.
  • Smiley, an adorable and hilarious elf who has served as Santa’s harried H.O.H.O (head of holiday operations) for the past 500 years, voiced by Emmy Award-winning actor Henry Winkler.
  • Pinky, the beautifully blingy and only all-pink reindeer at the North Pole, voiced by Emmy-nominated actor, director, New York Times bestselling author and producer Candace Cameron Bure.
  • Bucky, the big-toothed nervous-Nelly reindeer, voiced by actor and comedian Donald Faison.
  • Hawk, the endearingly dim-witted mohawked polar bear, voiced by stand-up comedian and actor Jo Koy.
  • Theo, a lonely 10-year-old boy and the new kid in town who longs to make friends, voiced by young actor Gabriel Bateman.
  • Isla, Theo’s brilliant classmate, voiced by young actor Brooke Monroe Conaway.

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