Holidays And Harps On This Week’s “Kiff”

Table Town gets ready to celebrate their favorite holiday while Barry inadvertently sends the neighborhood into a nostalgic trance in this week’s Kiff.

Halfway There Day

It’s a favorite holiday in Table Town, Halfway There Day, which requires residents to only put in half the effort they normally would for a holiday, thus relieving the stress and anguish that holidays can cause. Kiff, however, sees it as a chance to shine with a perfect dinner for everyone during the Dinner Crawl, which will see families and friends go from house to house.

But, that's the point. Halfway There Day is not to put 100% in to make something perfect, and Kiff learns the story of Brenda. Brenda was a Table Town resident who treated Halfway There Day like a formal event, giving it her all. When the crawl got to her house, everyone was embarrassed. Their meals weren’t as good, and many felt underdressed for the event. Nobody visited Brenda on Halfway There Day ever again.

Kiff doesn’t want that for herself or her family, so when her meal comes out perfect, she immediately throws it away. It’s off to the store, which has also been ransacked for the holiday. Tragically, there is nothing left for Kiff to buy. On her way home, she encounters a stranger that offers her her leftovers, which are a perfect offering for the holiday. Kiff thanks the stranger and says she didn’t want to be “a Brenda.” The stranger asks what that means, and Kiff explains the story she just heard beat by beat…before realizing she’s talking to Brenda herself.

Kiff heads home and shares her tableau with Barry before starting on the crawl, only for a shadowy figure that looks like Brenda sneaks into their home after they leave. The crawl continues before the group gets back to Kiff’s House, where an exorbitant meal is waiting, complete with classical musicians to entertain the crowd. The family friends all start to panic, some were underdressed, others we’re expecting such fancy food. Trying to get Barry to vouch for her previous meal, it was too late. Kiff was the new Brenda.

In a Halfway There miracle, the holiday icon Centaur Claus appears and reveals (after a bit of flirting with Helen) that was never the intent of Halfway There day, and that people can still go all in on the holiday, even if it only warrants 50%.

Let’s hope for annual holiday episodes featuring Halfway There Day.

Be Still My Harp

Barry and Kiff are getting ready to re-watch their favorite movie again, “Chubbles.” Barry, hesitant to rewatch the old favorite another time, pitches something new, but to no avail. Kiff is dead set on another viewing of Chubbles. Afterward, the two playing and reenacting their scenes leads Barry into a bit of a pratfall and he finds himself trapped in a nearby harp.

Immediately, they rush to the doctor to get him removed, but the removal attempt hits the strings just right, triggering the doctor into a flashback of his fondest memory. This happens again when they try the same thing at the school with one of the teachers. After a bit, they discover the harp is the reason for the flashback. After the same thing happens with Kiff’s dad, who has an awful memory and only remembers the one trivia game he partook in (and lost), Barry inevitably rolls down the hill into town, with the harp triggering all the residents of Table Town. Kiff, who was not there, is the only one spared from this cascading effect. She finds another resident lost in a nostalgic trance and takes their headphones in an attempt to spare herself whilst trying to pry Barry out of the harp herself. After she drops the music player, it shuffles randomly – INTO HARP MUSIC. Now, she herself is in a trance and sees the first time she watched movies with Barry and hesitated to watch a new movie called “Chubbles.” She needs to move forward and try a new movie like Barry wanted. That’s when she realizes, she and everyone has tried to pull Barry out of the harp, instead of pushing him forward through the harp. That’s the trick! Now, after triggering the music loudly while doing so, everyone comes out of their trance and Kiff and Barry can watch the new movie, a sequel to Chubbles, which has Barry so excited that he has now Prat-fallen into a tuba. Oh Boy.

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