Recap: “The Company You Keep” Season 1, Episode 6 “The Real Thing”

It’s time for Charlie to come clean to his family and then perform another risky job for Daphne. This time she wants them to lift a recently sold painting from a wealthy art collector and his mysterious buyer. Emma learns more about Claire Fox and her dad helps her realize she might have to take a different approach to bringing down the Maguires.

(ABC/Raymond Liu)

(ABC/Raymond Liu)

Please note this recap contains spoilers for season 1, episode 6 “The Real Thing”

Charlie (Milo Ventimiglia) has just told Emma (Catherine Haena Kim) the real truth about him. And said he loves her. She calls him out for lying and asks if anything was real. He says everything between them is. She asks about Daphne’s endgame, why she’s meeting with rivals. Charlie doesn’t know that, but knows she’s Mcguire’s daughter and she and Connor are fighting for control of the business. He says he’s putting his family at risk because Daphne is targeting Emma’s and whatever she has on Hills is probably good. Emma says the Agency doesn’t care about common criminals, but if Charlie is with Daphne when they take her down, Emma is not going to protect him.

Daphne (Felisha Terrell) summons Charlie and tells him the black book is full of juicy tidbits including info about a recently sold painting that went for $2 million on the open market. Charlie says if he gets it, it’s a $3 million job. Daphne says she sets the terms, but Charlie pushes back. She can find someone else to fund her or show his family some respect. She likes bossy Charlie.

At the bar, Fran (Polly Draper) asks if they’re about to have a good or bad family meeting. Charlie is quiet then says Emma is CIA, but that’s not the worst part. Emma is investigating Daphne, and while she’s not coming after the Nicolettis, if they’re in the crosshairs…. Birdie (Sarah Wayne Callies) asks if Emma would burn them, and Charlie says whatever she felt for him and the family is over.

Birdie and Charlie talk strategy for stealing the painting, and he suggests they get Simon involved. Both of them love art, and he’s got an in. She says no, she doesn’t want to step back into a life left behind with the man who broke her heart.

Leo (William Fichtner) is frustrated with Charlie for talking Birdie into meeting with Simon. He’s an addict and nothing can change that. Charlie wasn’t there when Simon left. Charlie reminds his dad he was in a Nicaraguan jail. Leo calms, he’s not trying to downplay Charlie’s sacrifice for the family, just saying he wasn’t there for the fallout.

Birdie meets with Simon (Geoff Stults) for the first time in 10 years. He says he wasn’t right back then and admits he’s an addict. He swears he’s changed and apologizes. But Birdie isn’t here for that. She asks if he can get close to someone. Simon says he’ll do anything, if she can accept he’s changed.

(ABC/Raymond Liu)

(ABC/Raymond Liu)

At the bar, Ollie (Shaylee Mansfield) tries to pick the lock to the basement. Birdie catches her and says it’s only kegs and mousetraps down there. Fran comes by and says it’s only a matter of time before she gets down there. Then they’ll have to have “the talk.”

Emma finds a manilla envelope addressed to her at the house. She opens it and finds a series of pictures.

The Nicolettis go over their plan to acquire the painting. Simon and Birdie have tickets to a high-end Salon at Mr. Abramov’s (Mark Ivanir) penthouse. Charlie will be on van duty, while Birdie will lift the painting. The event is very classy and Birdie reports little security. She scans the layout to Charlie and notes there aren’t even lasers protecting the art on display.

Emma has a serious conversation with Joe (James Saito) and shows him the pictures. They are old photos of him with Claire Fox. He admits to an affair and says he came clean to her mom. What he didn’t know was that Claire had hired a spy to trail them. The affair was a black mark on his Senate career. The envelope also contains a card that reads “Roylson 8 pm.” Joe asks why someone would send the pictures to Emma. Then it clicks. “You don’t work in logistics do you?”

At the Salon, Simon tells Birdie he’s been sober for 2+ years then the duo mingles at the event while an opera singer entertains the guests. Charlie tells Birdie Simon is playing her, but she says she knows what she’s doing and takes out the earpiece. Frustrated, Charlie leaves the van and heads into the building then out on the roof, dropping to the penthouse balcony. Before he can remove the rope, Abramov comes outside to take a call. Abramov says the Blenner painting is ready for its new home. They’ll meet at the usual time: 10 pm on Sunday.

(ABC/Raymond Liu)

(ABC/Raymond Liu)

Charlie asks if Birdie can hear him, but she’s busy inside looking for the Blenner. Simon finds her. She gives a heartfelt description about the painting. Simon says she should see the real one, all of Abramov’s displays are fake. Birdie turns her earpiece on and Charlie tells her to get to the balcony. She and Simon intercept and she tells Charlie the security is light because the art is fake. Charlie shares about what he overheard and Simon says it’s a small gallery with lockers, probably where Abramov keeps the real stuff. He keeps some stuff there too.

Emma goes to the Royalson and meets…Daphne. Daphne brings up the photos, and Emma says she is not the only one with daddy issues. Daphne asks how she found out? Emma doesn’t give her a direct answer, and Daphne says they’re both the same, CIA and politicians are criminals too. Unlike you Daphne continues, I know exactly who I am. I’m not my father, but I am my father’s daughter.

The Nicolettis now have to obtain the Blenner from the gallery and Charlie already has Simon’s key! Birdie is concerned about signing in with Simon’s name while the heist happens, but the family doesn’t care about Simon. Just then her phone buzzes and Simon says he has more intel. Meet at their usual place. Simon tells Birdie the gallery will be closed early for Abramov and his guest to make the exchange. Also, he knows Charlie lifted his key and he actually wants to help.

Simon delivers a large box to his locker at the gallery, but it doesn’t contain art, it’s Charlie and Birdie. Meanwhile Leo delivers a small package that’s actually an EMP. As Leo leaves, Abramov comes in to view his painting. The EMP goes off taking out the computer/security system for 5 minutes. Moments later, the package bursts into flames triggering the fire alarm and making the building airtight.

Charlie and Birdie put on gas masks and he swaps the real painting with a fake. He opens the box to see what Abramov is getting in exchange for the painting, but it’s just an address. He snaps a picture. He and Birdie head back to Simon’s locker. The Fire Department shows up and gives the all clear, with Charlie and Birdie now disguised as firefighters. Outside the gallery, Abramov and his buyer shake hands. Unbeknownst to all, Mason (Courtney Taylor) is sitting in her car snapping pictures of the handshake and unknowingly, Charlie too.

(ABC/Raymond Liu)

(ABC/Raymond Liu)

Mason goes back to the CIA and tells Emma she followed a lead on Abramov. He’s met with Daphne twice, but she didn’t get what she wanted. As for the guy in the picture—the buyer— it’s Brad Willford. He works for American Armory, a manufacturer of military grade weapons. Mason thinks Daphne wants in on weapons trade. Emma spots Charlie in the picture but keeps her mouth shut.

Simon brings them the real painting. Birdie asks why he left the way he did, he says ask your father. Ollie comes to the basement and sees Simon. He signs his name. Birdie scares her off and they head upstairs. He thinks his daughter is beautiful.

Ollie says she knows her family tricks people and steals things, and wonders why can’t they tell her the truth. Doesn’t she deserve that? Birdie tells her she doesn’t want her daughter to be disappointed with her, but Ollie says she’s her hero. They agree no more lies. Ollie asks if Simon is her Dad and can she meet him? Birdie says yes and she doesn’t know yet. Is that ok? Ollie nods and hugs her.

Charlie goes to the address from the box at the gallery and finds a storage unit. He discovers a crate of guns.



Emma goes home and Joe asks how it’s going. She says if she does her job, her family’s legacy is destroyed, but if she protects them, the bad guys win. He tells her she’s always seen things as black and white, while for a politician, everything is grey. There’s an answer, but she hasn’t found it yet.

Charlie tells Birdie what he discovered at the storage unit and if the feds find out, the Nicoletti’s are definitely going down. Just then, Emma comes in and asks Charlie to work for her and take Daphne down. He says if he does this, she’s definitely not going to like him. She says she doesn’t like him now, so there’s nothing to lose.

Charlie goes to Daphne and gives her an envelope with the location of $2 million worth of unregistered firearms along with the contact information for Brad Willford. Daphne is impressed and he tells her he can do so much more for her. He knows she wants the “Maguire Throne” and he can help her get it. She smiles.


Well done ABC! It’s taken a bit but this show appeals to me more and more each week! We know things have cooled for Charlie and Emma but they are far from over. I actually like the idea of them working together and am anxious to see this play out. Oh, we can trust Simon, right? I hope for the sake of Birdie and Ollie that he’s being honest.

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