Disney seems to enjoy releasing cool and interesting merchandise overseas and teasing us fans in America. For example, what makeup-wearing Disney geek wouldn't want to apply cosmetics from a Mickey, Mike Wazowski, or Winnie the Pooh case?


As AirFrov — a site that connects world travellers to people in Singapore requesting products from the countries they're visiting — reports, Disney and The Face Shop have just released a new line of products in South Korea inspired by three classic characters. Even as someone who doesn't wear makeup with any regularity, I can appreciate these adorable designs as I'd think fans of any age could as well.


Also available or other various cosmetics that include some signature elements from Minnie and Mickey's designs. Naturally, these are all topped with those iconic mouse ears as well.


Like I said, for the time being (and short of eBay) the only way to pick up these items is to head to South Korea. But, hey — you can always make that a stop on your next Tokyo Disney Resort/Hong Kong Disneyland/Shanghai Disneyland trip, right? *sigh*

Kyle Burbank
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