Upon hearing the news that Hamilton’s Lin-Manual Miranda was collaborating with Alan Menken on songs for a new live-action Little Mermaid, the internet is now hard at work drawing connections between these two projects. Take for example this mini-parody penned by Aaron Wallace on Twitter:

This got us thinking about the songs in both Hamilton and The Little Mermaid and how they relate. Here’s what we’ve come up with (and please note that this meant for humor and not actual thematic critique):


“Fathoms Below” = “Alexander Hamilton”

Both tracks serve as introductions to the main characters. Simple enough, right?

“Daughters of Triton” = “The Schuyler Sisters”

The former introduces the daughters of Triton while the latter brings on the Schuyler sisters. Again, seems pretty obvious, right?

“Part of Your World” = “Helpless”

In Ariel’s “I wish” song (which was famously almost cut by Jeffrey Katzenberg) she sings about yearning to be “part of their world.” Meanwhile, this track marks Hamilton’s introduction to his wife and his becoming part of her more upper-crust world.

“Under the Sea” = “Ten Duel Commandments”

Admittedly, we just thought it’d be cute to go through various fish (like “Under the Sea” does) in the style of “Ten Duel Commandment.”

“Poor Unfortunate Souls” = “What’d I Miss”

In Hamilton, this song brings on one of the kinda-sorta villains in the show just as, in “Poor Unfortunate Souls,” we meet the absolutely-no-question-about-it villain. “What’d I Miss” also seems like the kind of song Ursula would sing.

“Les Poissons” = “Cabinet Battle #1”

Man vs. Fish, Hamilton vs. Jefferson. Boom.

“Kiss the Girl” = “Say No to This”

Although Hamilton is singing about his mistress, this is still kind of a fit. Funny enough, though, “Kiss the Girl” finds Eric being urged to kiss the girl while “Say No to This” is Hamilton unsuccessfully trying not to.

So what Hamilton/Little Mermaid connections can you think up? And, more importantly, are you excited for this new film and collaboration between two geniuses? Let us know!



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