Would you consider Die Hard to be a Christmas film? Well the folks at 20th Century Fox certainly seem to think that way. With the major holiday just days away, Fox released a fun re-cut trailer for film putting a little more emphasis on the holly jolly spirit of things. It wouldn’t be Die Hard without a few action clips thrown in for good measure, and while the violence is kept to a minimum (for the trailer’s sake), fans will still get a kick out of this re-cut. The trailer is also part of a promotion for the new 4K UHD digital release of the movie.

Bring it home:

If this trailer put you in the holiday spirit, you can gift your friends, family (or just yourself) with the 5 Movie collection:

  • If you really want to feel like you’re part of the film, check out the new 4K digital release available on iTunes and Vudu


  • “Facing Christmas 3,000 miles from his estranged wife and two children, New York policeman John McClane (Bruce Willis) flies to Los Angeles bearing presents and hoping to patch up his marriage. Stylish and cool Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) is in Los Angeles as well for the holiday season, but he’s not there to give out presents. He’s there to take: more than $600 million in negotiable bearer bonds from the multinational Nakatomi Corporation, where McClane’s wife Holly (Bonnie Bedelia) is an executive. When the takeover becomes hostile, it’s up to John McClane to take on the terrorists with all the grit and determination he can muster–but not without a sense of humor.”


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