The Star Wars films are known for their iconic quotes. Complex lines of dialogue have withstood the test of time and transcended the movies themselves, becoming a sort of second nature as memorable parts of our everyday lingo. Then of course, there’s also a bunch of times when characters simply said “yes” or “no.”

The Star Wars Kids YouTube channel has started a new series called “Star Wars by the Numbers,” breaking down a galaxy far, far away into a series of statistics. Naturally, the first episode of this new series breaks down the number of times the words “yes” and “no” were spoken in the 10 Star Wars films.

Wow. I never realized the Star Wars films were so negative. In case you skipped the video and just kept on reading, the final count was 196 for “yes” and 647 for “no.” As if there wasn’t already enough blamed on him, Jar Jar Binks accounts for quite a few of those no’s. (I’d be interested to see who actually said the most, who wants to count that for us?) The most memorable one however, of course comes from Darth Vader.

Be sure to check back for future episodes of “Star Wars by the Numbers” as they continue to break down that Star Wars films. What would you like to see them count next?