Service Dog-In-Training Happily Meets Cinderella At Disneyland

Snow White may be the fairest, but Cinderella is the most charming. The blue-clad princess always has a smile and open heart for everyone, including animals. In fact she even made the day of one very special service dog at Disneyland. Take a look:

  • Local Anaheim affiliate Fox 13 reported on this cute story of a service dog-in-training and his memorable visit to Disneyland.
  • According to the news station, owner Ashley Wilt shared video of her service dog, Elijah, who upon meeting the princess instantly wanted to cuddle her.
  • Cinderella seems quite happy to oblige the canine and it looks like the two could become good friends.

On the other side of the country, a Cleveland couple got engaged following a Cinderella themed proposal. While this story doesn’t involve any cute dogs or Cinderella herself, she was part of the inspiration behind their engagement.

  • After dating for nearly ten years, Kevin Hoag decided he was going to ask Ashley Troche to be his bride and he wanted it to be a big surprise. The couple works together so getting something past her was not going to be easy.
  • Kevin told Fox 8, “The big question was ‘how should I surprise her?’”
  • Fortunately, a friend reached out to him, offering the couple tickets to see a stage production of Cinderella, leading to his big themed proposal.
  • “Everyone wanted to help since we have been together so long. And, because everyone wanted to help [the proposal] grew into this big thing.”
  • Kevin rented a carriage and arranged for it to be waiting outside the theatre. He knew when Ashley saw the carriage she’d want a picture and walk right into the surprise.
  • Sure enough, when Ashley saw the horse and carriage, she asked their friends to take a photo of her and Kevin.
  • After that photo, Kevin addressed Ashley with some Disney inspired quotes then got down on one knee, and asked her to marry him. She said yes!
  • Ashley said, “I was so surprised. And I don’t surprise easily.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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