The Huffington Post interviews Frozen’s Idina Menzel about the “Let it Go” phenomenon.  In the interview she discusses what it is like to work on the film and her preparation to sing the hit song at this year’s Oscars.  Here is a snippet from the interview:

When did you realize that “Let It Go” had taken on this life of its own?
For the last month, every morning I wake up and someone has sent me a video of their child dressed as Elsa singing the song — whether it’s someone I know or don’t know. It’s hard for me to take any credit — it’s Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez’s writing, and the whole way the song is packaged into the film — but I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I’m excited and proud. I just brought my own experience to the song: being a woman and how women are sort of afraid of our own power sometimes. It’s maybe scary to unleash that power. You think you’re going to alienate people. Yet most of the time, I’ve learned in my life now, when I’ve finally really relinquished that inside me, I think it’s really special and so many more doors open up.