Lucasfilm has relaunched In addition to the new look, the redesign brings the site into the Disney fold by integrating the Disney ID that visitors also may use at and

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It is interesting to note that Marvel has yet to adopt the Disney user ID system.

Here is the email sent to registered users.

Dear Star Wars fan,

As we begin a journey into an exciting new era of Star Wars, it’s time for a fully armed and operational online Star Wars experience. So we’re thrilled to let you know that Lucasfilm is launching an all-new — with movie, TV, and video game news, innovative features, and more in-depth original content than ever before.

And as a loyal visitor and Star Wars fan, we want you to be a part of it. Here’s how.

Introducing the Disney ID. You can register now for a Disney ID at, giving you exclusive access to upcoming special features, Force-filled digital experiences, and lots more. It will be your first step into a larger world of Star Wars. Disney sites, games, and interactive experiences will also be accessible.

As we transition to Disney ID, your existing account will be deleted. But don’t worry — your new Disney ID is more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

We look forward to seeing you at the new Thank you.