Disney Shakes Up Maker Studios Leadership Team

Disney has announced a leadership change at Maker Studios. Courtney Holt, who had been leading the division for about a year. The group will now be combined with Disney Consumer Products & Interactive Media’s Content & Media Group which is lead by Andrew Sugerman. This is the same group that creates digital content for Disney under brands such as Disney Style and Oh My Disney. Holt will transition to the role of Executive Vice President of Media and Strategy, reporting to Disney’s Chief Strategy Officer Kevin Mayer.

Maker Studios has struggled since the Disney acquisition in 2014. Originally it was placed under CFO Jay Rasulo’s oversight, but upon Rasulo’s departure it was then made a division of Disney Interactive which itself combined with Disney Consumer Products.

Disney claimed that it’s acquisition of Maker Studios, which ended up being just under $700 million, would provide insight in how to market and monetize to the digital generation. However, monetization of online video content became more difficult so Maker’s role as a syndicator became less lucrative.

Further details on how Maker Studios will integrate with Disney’s Content & Media Group will be revealed in the coming weeks.