Yesterday brought news that billionaire Kevin O’ Leary — A.K.A. Mr. Wonderful on ABC’s hit reality show Shark Tank — would be running for political office in his native Canada. O’ Leary is seeking leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada with the hope of challenging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his job in 2019.

In a video posted to his official Facebook page, O’Leary explains his decision to run, citing his differences with Prime Minister Trudeau. He also mentioned President-Elect Trump, whom the TV star will certainly be compared to during his run, saying that the new President will force Canada to compete with the U.S. for business and economic growth:

Mr. Wonderful also appeared on Good Morning America today (where, of course, that Trump connection is addressed off the bat):

Currently there are 13 other candidates pursuing the same position as O’Leary (sound familiar?). For future updates on his campaign, you can visit



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