What’s happening:

  • French executive, Jean-Francois Camilleri has announced today that he will be leaving The Walt Disney Company.
  • Camilleri shared the news on social media saying, “After 30 extraordinary years, I have decided to leave Disney. It’s a family that I love and that I will never forget.”
  • Deadline reported on the executive’s departure and noted that as of 2009 Camilleri’s served as Country Manager, The Walt Disney Company, France, Benelux & French-Speaking Africa.
  • Additionally, Deadline says, this is, “a big move in French industry circles, although it is unclear if Camilleri’s departure was impacted by the [Fox] merger.”
  • A Disney France spokesperson said there was no further information.

About Jean-Francois Camilleri:

  • Camilleri’s career began in 1988 when he started working for a company called Grey. Grey oversaw the marketing and distribution for Warner Bros and Disney films in France.
  • He later moved to Los Angeles and was employed as the Media Manager at Buena Vista International.
  • During his time at BVI, Camilleri helped to form the Buena Vista European offices and later became the Advertising Manager.
  • Camilleri also became the Marketing Director for Gaumont Buena Vista in 1992 and served as Senior Vice President and General Manager for the company when they opened its French office in 2004.
  • During his time at Gaumont Buena Vista, Camilleri helped to develop local co-productions and acquisitions including March Of The Penguins which won the Academy Award for Best Documentary
  • In 2008, Camilleri created and served as General Manager and Executive Vice President for the Disneynature label overseeing such films as:
    • Oceans (2010)
    • African Cats (2011)
    • Chimpanzee (2012)
    • Bears (2014)
    • Monkey Kingdom (2015)

What he’s saying:

  • Jean-François Camilleri’s full statement (translated from French): “After 30 extraordinary years, I have decided to leave Disney. It’s a family that I love and that I will never forget. From Los Angeles to Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Tunis, Casablanca, Abidjan; from GBVI to the presidency of Disney France, Benelux and French-speaking Africa; from Disneynature to French films, the journey was in every way exceptional. Humanly, professionally, artistically. The path now completed pushes me to engage more in other ways from now on. “Across all the metiers that I had the chance to practice, I understood the strength of different media and of stories in the service of engagement. Fortified with these experiences and the values that are dear to me, it is time for me to invest myself fully in order to contribute to a meaningful future. To the wonderful Disney teams that I have had the chance to work with, to all my journalist, producer, operator, broadcaster partners and friends, I want to express my gratitude and affection. An immense thank you for this unique adventure. See you soon.”


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