Back in October of last year, Disney Channel greenlit a series that would break the mold of traditional sitcoms. Today, we got our first look at Just Roll With It, in the first trailer for the half scripted, half improvised comedy.

  • In this trailer, the cast of the innovative new show explain the premise:
    • The show will begin as a normal sitcom, but at random points throughout the show, a foghorn will go off. This will signify that the audience has the opportunity to vote on what happens next and the cast will simply have to, well, just roll with it.
  • Just Roll With It will premiere on June 19, with a sneak peek of the new series coming on June 14.

More on Just Roll With It:

  • The new series will be produced by Kenwood TV Productions, Inc.
  • Adam Small and Trevor Moore will serve as executive producers and co-showrunners.

The Plot:

  • The series follows the blended Bennett-Blatt family. Blair, often a rebel without a cause, is the polar opposite of her strict, regimented, ex-military mom, Rachel. Owen, a born athlete with a taste for scheduling and organization, is always trying to clean up his creative and charismatic father and morning radio show host Byron.
  • At the sound of a horn, the actors break from the scene and go backstage while the audience decides which of three outrageous stunts will take place next. Once votes are cast electronically, the actors return to the stage to continue the scene, waiting for the next surprise, which could be anything from being asked to eat a disgusting sardine, grasshopper and ice cream burrito to a man falling through the roof of the Bennett-Blatt home.

The Cast:

  • Kaylin Hayman as Blair
  • Suzi Barrett as Rachel
  • Ramon Reed as Owen
  • Tobie Windham as Byron