In recent weeks, two Walt Disney World guests filed reports with the Orange County Sheriff’s office about stolen guns. Both guests reported one gun missing that had been stored in the vehicles they had on property.

Photo Via Orlando Sentinel

Photo Via Orlando Sentinel

What’s happening:

  • The Orlando Sentinel shared a story yesterday about two incidents at Walt Disney World where guest had filed police reports about stolen guns.
  • Marshall Fox of Texas was coming back from his weeklong vacation at the Resort when he checked the glove compartment of his truck and found a stapler in place of his .45 caliber semi-automatic.
  • Fox reported the missing gun to the Orange County Sheriff’s office this past Monday. He fears it was stolen from the locked gun compartment when he valet parked at Animal Kingdom Lodge in mid-June.
  • The second incident reported comes from Kristoffer Lumby of Missouri who recalls that last time he saw his gun was in the Magic Kingdom parking lot.
  • Lumby reported his missing pistol to the Sheriff’s office on June 30.
  • According to the Sheriff’s report, Lumby “asked if the Orange County Sheriff’s Office had recovered any lost firearms from theme park parking lots in the last week.”
  • Lumby and his family visited each of Walt Disney World’s four theme parks, as well as Disney Springs.  
  • Lumby thought it was possible that his pistol could have fallen out of the car door pocket while he was helping his five children head into Magic Kingdom.
  • The Sentinel spoke with Lumby and he told them he suspected the gun was stolen and believed it happened the same day that his “parking pass went missing from the mirror at Hollywood Studios.”  
  • Lumby told the Sentinel that he usually brings the gun on road trips, “for safety reasons, you never know. I put it away and didn’t even think about it. It wasn’t until we were leaving, I realized it was gone.”
  • As of Friday, both cases remained open.
  • The Sentinel reached out to Disney for comment, but the company declined due to the ongoing investigation.
  • Disney’s weapons policy prohibits “firearms, ammunition, knives and weapons of any kind” at the Resort.
  • Fox and Lumby have indicated that they’d like to press charges if anyone is arrested in association with the stolen guns.


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