It was the fall of 2006, and the Disneyland Resort began decorating for the Halloween season, and they decided to add pumpkins throughout the main thoroughfare of Disneyland Park, Main Street U.S.A. This tradition continues today, and is known as the Main Street Pumpkin Festival. Today, Disneyland decided to highlight some of their favorite jack-o-lanterns seen throughout the land.

What’s Happening:

  • When guests enter the “Spookiest” Place on Earth during this time of year, the immediately encounter a 16-foot tall iconic Mickey-shaped pumpkin standing at the end of town square that has become a guest favorite for photos during the season.
  • As guests continue down Main Street, they will notice more pumpkins down the turn-of-the-century themed thoroughfare. There are over 300 pumpkins in the Main Street windows and on top of store fronts. Impressive and worth noting is that no two pumpkins are alike as they are each carved by select members of the resort enhancement team. Each pumpkin has their own unique story that pertains to the location where they are placed.

  • At 20th Century Music Company, the shop owner has carved a pumpkin that has a strong resemblance to the one and only Elvis Presley. This pumpkin is an homage to the history of music and what that the store represents. In the window next to the music shop’s door, there is a pumpkin that is playing the trumpet.
  • Over at the Mad Hatter, there are carved pumpkins surrounding the marquee. Each of them are sporting their own hat to represent their unique fashion sense. One pumpkin unleashes their inner tourist with a classic bucket hat, while another wears a literal bucket as a hat. One looks striking in their bowler hat, another is making headlines with their newsboy hat and there is one in their raccoon hat. Head to the Mad Hatter to see what other types of hats are in fashion this Halloween season.

  • To match the theme of turn-of-the-century Main Street U.S.A., the Emporium has many unique window displays that represent what the individual store would offer. Some displays feature unique pumpkins that help to tell the story of the store. In the shaving window, near the Crystal Arcade entrance to the Emporium, sits a gentleman of a pumpkin, getting a shave. He has shaving cream all over his beard and there seems to have been a bit of a mishap.
  • Other windows of the Emporium feature seasonal merchandise but also include more specialty pumpkins. At the sewing window, there are vintage sewing machines and sewing supplies with a giant pumpkin acting as a pin cushion. Also, a little further down, there is a sudsy pumpkin in the window with all of the laundry supplies and a vintage washer tub with a wringer. In the China shop window, there’s an homage to the classic Disney film Beauty and the Beast with a special Mrs. Potts pumpkin. Mrs. Potts is a tale as old as time and plays into the theming of a shop that used to sell fine China and household goods.

  • Be sure to CARVE out some time when visiting the Disneyland Resort to see the special jack-o-lanterns that light up Main Street U.S.A. during the Halloween season.

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