Muppets Writer Jack Burns Passes Away at 86

The Hollywood Reporter has shared that actor, comedian, and writer Jack Burns passed away on January 27th at the age of 86 due to respiratory failure. To Disney fans, Jack Burns is best remembered as a writer on the original The Muppet Show and The Muppet Movie, which earned him Emmy and Hugo Award nominations. He also served as a writer and narrator for ABC’s sketch comedy show Fridays after spending years as a comedian with George Carlin. As an actor, Jack Burns had guest starring roles on such shows as Happy Days, Darkwing Duck, and The Simpsons. Our hearts go out to the friends and loved ones in this difficult time.

What they’re saying:

A couple of Burns’ long time friends remember him fondly commenting on his legacy on Twitter.

  • Kermit the Frog tweeted: “Some folks suspect we Muppets don’t work with a script. Not true. We have had many great and funny writers, and one of the greatest and funniest was Jack Burns. You made us smile. You made us laugh. You made us funny. Love you, forever.”
  • Kelly Carlin daughter of George Carlin: "A foundational piece of the Carlin legacy has gone to the big comedy club in the sky. Jack was one of the sharpest [expletive] I knew. He shaped my father’s mind in unique ways. RIP Jack Burns."