Scene on Disney+’s “Shop Class” Seems to Hint at Possible “Coco” Attraction

Last week, Disney+ debuted a new reality competition titled Shop Class all about building projects. While that might not immediately appeal to some Disney Parks fan, one draw is that, as part of each episode, a guest judge from Walt Disney Imagineering participates. Incidentally, one of the images shown in the premiere episode might just hint at a project Imagineers themselves are working on.

What Happening:

  • While introducing the concept of Imagineering on Shop Class, several photos ranging from the days of Walt Disney to Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance are shown.
  • Among these images is one that shows Imagineers on a test vehicle wearing VR headsets. Also in frame is a screen that presumably displays what the riders are seeing.
  • Eagle-eyed fans may recognize one particular element shown on that screen: a skull design is visible in one of the windows.
  • This bears a strong resemblance to elements found in Pixar’s Coco.
  • Take a look at the Shop Class screenshot compared to an image from Coco:

  • Rumors of a Coco attraction have been popular since the film’s release but nothing formal has been announced.
  • Similarly, it should be noted that, even if Imagineers do appear to be developing/considering an attraction, that’s not a surefire guarantee that it will see the light of day.
  • It could also be possible that Imagineers were just using the world of Coco to test technologies without developing a specific attraction.
  • With that said… could we see some sort of Coco attraction coming soon? We’ll have to wait and see.
  • In the meantime, you can catch episodes of Shop Class — and stream Coco — on Disney+.
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