Laughing Place is proud to bring you an exclusive clip from the next episode of Card Sharks, airing on ABC on Sunday, October 25th, at 10/9c. In this exciting clip, contestant Silvia Karafilis predicts every card correctly, shocking host Joel McHale and everyone in the studio.

About Card Sharks:

Card Sharks, hosted by Joel McHale, is an exciting game show on ABC produced by Fremantle. Players face off in a head-to-head elimination game and the winner proceeds to a money card round, featured in the clip above. Players have to risk it all to win it all for the chance to go home with a major cash prize.

Episode Description:

“Host Joel McHale is joined by contestants Silvia Karafilis (hometown: Los Angeles, California), Curtis Baxter (hometown: Riverside, California), Kim Peoples (hometown: Valencia, California) and Christian Yeung (hometown: West Covina, California) as they try and up the ante.”

How to Watch:

Card Sharks airs Sundays on ABC at 10/9c. New episodes are available on demand and on Hulu the following day.