ABC’s next edition of 20/20 focuses on Boeing’s 737 MAX-8 planes which have just received approval to fly again following two deadly accidents that grounded the global fleet. Featuring reporting by ABC’s Bob Woodruff, the special Falling From The Sky includes interviews with victims’ families and who are fighting to keep the manufacturer accountable for the loss of their loved ones.

via ABC News Public Relations

via ABC News Public Relations

What’s Happening:

  • With the 737 MAX-8 airplanes about to return to the skies, ABC’s 20/20 is taking an investigative look at the crashes that grounded the planes in 2019.
  • The news event special Falling From The Sky airs on Friday, November 27 (9:00 – 11:00 pm ET) on ABC.
  • For over a year ABC News Correspondent Bob Woodruff and team have been traveling the world to investigate the deadly Boeing 737 MAX-8 airplane following two tragic crashes that killed 346 passengers from around the world.
  • On the heels of the 737 MAX’s recent clearance to fly again next month, 20/20 reports on the aircraft’s controversial flight control software and how it mistakenly sent planes into deadly nosedives.
  • 20/20 also investigates what Boeing knew about concerns with that flight control system and when they knew it.

About the Special:

  • The two-hour program features Woodruff’s in-depth interview with Miracle on the Hudson pilot Capt. Chesley Sully Sullenberger about the crashes and the safety of the 737 MAX.
  • Woodruff also sat down with the family of Samya Stumo, a young health care analyst killed in the crash in Ethiopia who was the grandniece of Ralph Nader. In candid emotional interviews, her parents, Michael Stumo and Nadia Milleron, opened up to Woodruff about their devastating loss and their tireless fight on behalf of victims’ families to hold Boeing accountable.
  • The program also features an interview with a passenger who tells the harrowing story of his trip on the Lion Air plane that just one day later crashed into the sea and interviews with victims’ families from all over the world. 

Creative Team:

  • 20/20 is anchored by David Muir and Amy Robach
  • David Sloan is senior executive producer
  • Terri Lichstein is senior producer
  • This episode produced by:
    • Joseph Rhee
    • Gerry Wagschal
    • Jinsol Jung
    • Jeff Schneider
    • Elle Luan