Exclusive Clip: “Card Sharks” Contestants Guess How Many People Ding a Parked Car With No Note

Get excited for the next episode of Card Sharks with our exclusive clip from the 13th episode airing December 13th on ABC. In this clip, host Joel McHale asks two contestants to predict what percentage of people have dinged a parked care and driven away without leaving a note. Make your own prediction and watch this clip to see if you’re right!

About Card Sharks:

Card Sharks, hosted by Joel McHale, is an exciting game show on ABC produced by Fremantle. Players face off in a head-to-head elimination game and the winner proceeds to a money card round where they could win life-changing cash.

Episode Description:

“Host Joel McHale is joined by contestants Joy Cacayorin (hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii), an exercise instructor, and David Delgado (hometown: Ashland, Oregon), a program manager, in addition to Michael Kearney (hometown: Okinawa, Japan), serving in the airforce, and Keren Sheridan (hometown: Deer Park, New York), a traveling day-camp manager.”

How to Watch:

Card Sharks airs Sundays on ABC at 10/9c. New episodes are available on demand and on Hulu the following day.