The Runaways have a run-in with the X-Men in the trailer for the anticipated Runaways #33 by Rainbow Rowell and Andres Genolet, hitting stands tomorrow!

What’s Happening:

  • The highly-anticipated Runaways #33 by Rainbow Rowell and Andres Genolet hits stands tomorrow!
  • Continuing author Rainbow Rowell’s critically acclaimed run, Runaways #33 will see the ragtag group of reluctant “super heroes” picking up the pieces after their last adventure and descending into one of the most terrifying Marvel Universe locations ever: HIGH SCHOOL.
  • Amidst the mishaps and life-altering decisions, the group will have an action-packed clash with two X-citing guest stars: Wolverine and Pixie! With art by regular series artist Andres Genolet, Runaways #33 will delight longtime fans of these iconic characters and serve as a perfect jumping on point for readers who want to explore one of Marvel’s most hottest series. Get your first look at tomorrow’s issue in the special trailer above, featuring never-before-seen artwork from the upcoming arc.
  • Incredible creators, a dynamite cast of characters, and stylish art have all become trademarks of this beloved series. Hop on board now as the Runaways continue to evolve and secure their place as one of Marvel’s most enduring modern franchises.
  • Pick up Runaways #33 tomorrow at your local comic shop or digitally and keep an eye out for more news as the lead-up to the series’ 100th issue begins. Eager to catch up? Runaways Vol. #1-6 are now available wherever books are sold!

What They’re Saying:

  • Rainbow Rowell: “We left the Runaways in such a precarious position after they defeated Doc Justice. I'm really excited for readers to see how the kids move forward. How they deal with the fallout. And I'm grateful for everyone who has stuck with this story. We never expected to leave readers hanging on a cliff through a global pandemic!”
  • Nick Lowe, Editor:
  • Sorry, Immortal Hulk. Sorry, House of X/Powers of X. Sorry, Daredevil. Rainbow Rowell & Andrés Genolet’s Runaways is the best book in comics and IT’S BACK, BABY! The runners are back and the best arc yet is kicking off tomorrow. Are the X-Men going to take Molly to Krakoa? And that’s not even the most crazy thing that’s happening as we MARCH TO LGY #100!!!!”