Video – EPCOT Forever Returns With Slight Modifications

Last night marked the return of fireworks at Walt Disney World. EPCOT Forever, the latest nighttime spectacular at EPCOT, returned with some slight modifications.

  • Last month we learned that fireworks will make their triumphant return to Disney Parks around the country next month, with Mickey’s Mix Magic returning to Disneyland, Happily Ever After returning to Magic Kingdom and EPCOT Forever returning to Walt Disney World.
  • The news that EPCOT Forever is returning may have come as a bit of a surprise to those who are following the multitude of changes coming to the park, as they may recall that the barges for the new show, Harmonious, are now permanently installed in the center of the World Showcase Lagoon.
  • One of the signature moments of the show is a sequence that sees illuminated kites take off and go… Soarin’… over the lagoon to the soundtrack of the attraction, as well as the tunes of “Magic Journeys” and “Tomorrow’s Child” before returning for a flight during “Golden Dream.”
  • With the new barges for the new show in place, it will be difficult for the jetski drivers to get those kites up in the sky, and Disney has stated that “guests may notice a few changes to EPCOT Forever, as we’ve added even more pyrotechnics in lieu of the kites that were included in the original version of the show.”
  • You can watch the return of EPCOT Forever in the video below:

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