Meet the New Mysterious Ruler of “HULK PLANET”

You will be able to meet the new mysterious ruler of "HULK PLANET" in the new Arc of Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley’s Hulk.

What's Happening:

  • HULK PLANET” debuts in HULK # 9 this July.
  • This was written by Donny Cates and artist, Ryan Ottley.
  • You will be able to climb aboard a Starship Hulk and crash-land on “HULK PLANET”.
  • This is an entire world of Hulk like creatures, and they thrive under the heat of a gamma star.
  • You will explore what society built by Hulks for Hulks operates like and be introduced to many new characters that are gamma-fueled, including the planet’s ruler, MONOLITH.
  • Although shaken by his battle with Thor in "Banner of War" and by Titan’s impact on his friends, Bruce Banner has decided that his best company is himself and himself only.
  • He will set Starship Hulk on a faraway course and begin to learn what he needs to do to be healthy.
  • Bruce finds what the ultimate paradise is, but can't shake the thought of the past or the nagging suspicion that Monolith isn’t being totally honest about what she wants from the Hulk.
  • On creating Monolith, Ottley said, “Donny Cates is the kind of writer that feeds the artist what they are best at and pushes them to new heights with what they can do. He’s the type of writer that writes as if he has a billion dollar budget. Which is fine with me! I get to stretch my art skills and go all out. He knows my work well over the years and knows what I can do, and he knows what he wants to see me do. So we work amazingly well together and are having way too much fun slamming this book out and giving it everything we got. I’ve been designing and creating new characters with Donny on this run and issue #9 will be some completely new faces, with the most impactful being Monolith. She is a tall hulkish woman that became leader of this strange world our Hulk showed up on. And I can’t wait to show you all what we’ve made, the smashing shall be insane!”