Disney nuiMOs Provide Summertime Fun with New Goofy Plush and Playful Fashions

Mickey’s best pal Goofy is bringing his charming wit to shopDisney as part of the beloved collection of nuiMO plush. Joining a wide assortment of characters, Goofy helps to *almost* complete the Sensational Six (still waiting on Pluto). But he’s not the only new offering. A variety of playful and dressy summer fashions have made their debut this week too!

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What’s Happening:

  • Gawrsh! It’s Goofy and he’s finally joining his best pals as part of the Disney nuiMOs collection! Arriving in style on shopDisney, Goofy is the latest friend to be featured in this charming series of poseable plush.
  • As one would expect, our favorite anthropomorphic dog is “dressed” in his orange shirt, blue pants and black vest. Completing the look are his brown shoes and signature tall green hat so there’s no mistaking who he is.  
  • The Goofy nuiMOs sells for $19.99 and he can’t wait to be part of your collection.
  • Of course a new pal isn’t the only exciting release on shopDisney. Fans browse the trendy nuiMOs summer styles including dresses, pants and button down tops and even roller skates!
  • All these Disney nuiMO looks can be found on shopDisney. Links to individual products can be found below.

Goofy nuiMO:

Goofy Disney nuiMOs Plush – $19.99

Hello Summer Fashions:

Disney nuiMOs Outfit – Swimsuit, Wrap Skirt and Sunglasses – $12.99

Disney nuiMOs Outfit – Patterned Button-Down Shirt with Khaki Pants – $12.99

Disney nuiMOs Outfit – Blue Button-Down Shirt with White Swim Trunks and Boat Shoes – $12.99

Disney nuiMOs Outfit – Handkerchief Button-Down Shirt with Joggers – $12.99

Disney nuiMOs Outfit – Purple Dress with Headband and Fan – $12.99

Disney nuiMOs Outfit – Printed Wrap Dress with Sun Hat – $12.99

Disney nuiMOs Roller Skates Accessory – $12.99

More Disney nuiMO Fun:

  • After originating in Japan and making their way to Shanghai and Hong Kong, the adorable friends came to the United States in January 2021.
  • nuiMO is a combination of the Japanese words nuigurumi, meaning plush and moderu meaning model.
  • Some of the most recent characters to debut here include:

Disney nuiMOs Outfits: