Marvel Comics Writer and Artist and “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Creator Kazuki Takahashi Passes Away at 60

Marvel Comics writer and artist and "Yu-Gi-Oh!" creator Kazuki Takahashi has passed away at the age of 60, just weeks after Marvel released his “Secret Reverse” manga.

  • According to NPR, Takahashi's body was reportedly found floating off the coast of Nago in Okinawa, wearing snorkeling gear.
  • Marvel shared their condolences to Takahashi's family on Twitter:

  • Takahashi is best known as a manga creator and also the creator of the wildly popular Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise.
  • Recently though, Marvel released his “Secret Reverse” 112-page team-up that takes fan-favorite heroes on a technological adventure with a dash of danger.
    • Tony Stark travels to Japan to attend a gaming convention, and awaiting his arrival is Reijiro Kaioh, the CEO of a world-famous card game company. Kaioh plans to unveil an amazing new gaming machine, but the inventor and his device are not at all what they appear to be…
  • Kazuki Takahashi’s “Secret Reverse” is available now on manga publisher VIZ Media.
  • NPR also reports that the Coast Guard is currently investigating Takahashi's death.