Michael Mendenhall will be leaving The Walt Disney Company to become the Chief Marketing Officer of HP.  At Disney, Michael was in charge of all the marketing for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.  He is the one that brought us "Where Dreams Come True" and The Year of a Million Dreams.  These controversial marketing initatives, as well as his decision to skip the "What's Next" Super Bowl campaign in 2005 because it would conflict with the "message" of the 50th anniversary "Going Home" campaign that Michael was so very proud of.  As Michael ends his 17 year Disney career I want to thank him for his service and wish him well at HP, but I am curious to see where the Disney Parks marketing engine will go.  Some folks on the internet will claim that this is a sign of Uncle John Lassetter using his influence to change the direction at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts; others might say that Jay Rasulo is sacraficing Michael in order to save his job.  I do not know if either of these scenarios are true.  It could just be as likely that Michael is taking a better job.  In the end it doesn't really matter.  Things will change when Michael's replacment is named.  As a Disney fan, I look forward to seeing whats next.

Quick Takes:

Studio Entertainment: Attention users:  The game grid of Tron is being reactivated.  The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that comerical director, Joseph Kosinski, is in final negotiations to direct the sequel to Tron.  The fim is being produced by Sean Bailey and Steve Lisberger, the original writer and director, and is being written by Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz from "Lost".  I saw Tron a few years ago and I was disappointed.  However there are parts of Tron that are awesome.  Can anyone hate light-cycles?  Of course not!  Perhaps this time they will take the cool parts of Tron and wrap it around a better script.   

Media Networks: General Hospital star Kirsten Storms was arrested for driving under the influence.  Disney fans might remember her as Zenon the girl of the 21st century in the trilogy of Disney Channel Original Movies.  I don't know about you but I am getting a little tired of hearing about former Disney stars getting in to trouble.  However this is not a small deal.  DUI is a serious crime.  Everyone makes mistakes and when you are under the celebrity microscope everything gets blown up to huge proportions.  So while I forgive Vanessa for her moment of poor judgment, Kirsten could have gotten someone hurt and  just like all DUIs that is a much bigger deal.

Consumer Products:SHAMELESS PLUG- Don't forget to buy your Disney Halloween costumes.  With Mickey's Halloween Treat just around the corner and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween parties starting this week, make sure you are ready for the ever-growing Halloween season.

Video of the Day: With the 3rd season of Grey's Anatomy being released on DVD today, check out a set tour with Chandra Wilson who plays Dr. Bailey on the hit ABC show, seriously.



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