Howdy folks,

I am here at the Atlanta airport (ATL) waiting for my flight to Orlando (MCO). At my doorstep today there was a staple of american hotel, USA Today. Being able to find Disney in everything I found a Disney related story in every section. Here, for you reading enjoyment, are the stories I found. I am going in reverse order, for the sole purpose of being able to go from serious to silly.

Life: USA Today reviewed College Road Trip and gave it…… one star. The headline is "'College Road Trip' has Nowhere to Go". They say that the film is not funny and is ill-conceived. The best thing that they say can be said about the film is that it's harmless G-rated fare. OUCH! I will be seeing the flik as part of my Daylight Savings Time festivities tomorrow. I'll let you know what I think.

Sports: On a serious note, USA today reports on a former Anaheim Angel in the story, "Family, Friends, Worry About Troubled Spiezio." Scott Spiezio was part of the 2002 World Champion Angels when Disney owned the team. who has been plagued with substance abuse and is now facing criminal charges relating to a car accident on Dec 30. The 2002 World Series was an awesome part of my life, and Scott Spiezio was an important part of that ball club, it is sad to see how bad he has let things get as he ignores offers of help from his friends, family, and teammates.

Money: Now we know why Disney director, Steve Jobs, was not at the shareholder meeting. He was busy with his day job at Apple. USA Today reports in, "IPhone, Business Update Coming", that soon the iPhone will be able to work with exchange servers so user can get their company email on the device, just like a Blackberry (you know, those things Disney managers have on their hips). Apple also announced they are welcome third-party developers to create new programs for the iPhone, with Apple taking a cut of course. I wonder if Bob is now going to mandate iPhones for all his executives. I sure did see a lot of them at the meeting.

Front Section: I have a bone to pick with USA Today founder Al Neuharth, who in an editorial, "Daylight Saving Time Should Be Dumped," tries to take away one of my cherished holidays. Who cares if a study at UCSB showed that DST in Indiana caused an increase of multimillions in energy cost. Can you put a cost on waiting until 2am, waiting for your cable box to jump to 3:00. No, of course not! Some american traditions should be kept. Does he want to move Independence Day to July 5th while he is at it. My anger over this exceeds my anger at Delta, for once again not offering any entertainment on my flight here. GRRR

Well I am going to try and catch my flight. Hopefully there will be something on the plane to amuse me.