Look me in the eyes and tell me you are not a Jonas Brothers fan.  I know you listen to them on Radio Disney and you enjoyed them during the Hannah Montana concert.  You know you can't wait for Camp Rock and J.O.N.A.S. to air on Disney Channel.  And you know you wish you lived in the Year 3000.  So stop denying it, and give in to your inner teenage girl and just admit it.   

So Doobie, Rebekah, and I went to the Pyramind to see the Jonas Bros. and we had a blast even if we were the oldest and manliest people there (and that is saying something).  The concert started with an opening act "Valora" which was not bad.  A little edgier than I would expect, but not bad at all.  The second was Menudo and they were awful, just awful.  Where is Ricky Martin when you need him?  The final opening act was Rooney from Los Angeles California and I really enjoyed them.  Luckily, they just started playing them on Radio Disney.  What a coincidence!  They open for the Jonas Brothers and then get played on Radio Disney, who would have thought?

Then Joey Fatone came out with his daughter and introduced the Jonas Brothers.  After a rousing rendition of "We Will Rock You" (have Doobie and I sing it for you), the lights dimmed and the show began.  It was awesome.  I can't say I am a huge Jonas Brothers fan.  I know the songs they play on Radio Disney, but thats about it.  That didn't stop me from having a good time.  The show had less theatrics than the High School Musical or Hannah Montana concerts, which was OK by me.  The show focused on the music and the Jonas Brothers skills as entertainers.  They had a lot of energy and they know how to put on a show. 

I said this after the High School Musical concert, and I'll say it again.  They best part is seeing the parents watching their kids have a great time, and even the parents would join in as well.  They even performed "Take On Me" by a-ha for the parents. 

This group is going to be huge.  Their Disney Channel Original Movie, "Camp Rock" is going kill, and their series, "J.O.N.A.S." might be the most popular Disney Channel series of all time.  I have watched this group gain popularity since Radio Disney first started playing "Year 3000".  They have not reached their peak yet, and when they do, that summit is going to be pretty high. 

But the highlight of the show had to be the trash can.   Listen to next week's podcast and I will explain. 

Now I would like to start a new tradition, which I am stealing from PTI.  I am going to make TV Picks so I can "give you something to watch" each day, in addition to my video of the day on weekdays.  So the first TV pick for Monday, March 10th is "Kyle XY," or as I like to call it, the show that saved ABC Family.  In today's episode, "Kyle organizes a mother-daughter reunion, but can he save prom?"  Its a lot better than "October Road" which is airing on ABC.

See you tomorrow!