My Blue Sky Disney Dreams

Once again the Disney Channel Games and concert were hosted at Disney’s Wide World of Sports and I stopped by for the fun. While I’m well beyond the target age for Disney Channel programming I really enjoy Hannah Montana, High School Musical and am a big fan of the Disneymania albums so its fun to see the stars in person and even better to see their fans meeting them.

Just like last year the Disney Channel stars including those from various International Disney Channel's were divided among red, yellow, green and blue teams to compete in a variety of physical challenges. The event raises money for a variety of charities and is featured in a series of broadcasts over the summer. The production location (Champion Stadium) is open to the public and for obvious reasons they don't permit cameras inside. Unlike last year however the events during the day I visited were mostly obstructed from fan viewing so the primary opportunity to see the stars was during breaks in filming — as they walked from the set to their shady and hopefully cooled tents.

However in between these shoots, the stars have the chance to meet the fans and sign numerous autographs. We watched as Nick, one of the Jonas Brothers signed dozens and dozens of autographs. And then as more brothers came into view, the fans began singing “When You Look Into My Eyes” – it was like a moment out of “Bye Bye Birdie.” I guess their mom was on set as I heard of groups call out "Mama Jonas, We Love Your Boys!" The arrival of the Sprouse Brothers brought more screams of delight. I must admit that from time to time it wasn't until I heard the crowds chanting the celebrity's name that I realized who had appeared. Note to self: Must watch more Disney Channel. But I'm not alone a young girl proudly turned to show her newly signed autograph book to her mom in the upper deck who asked me who it was her daughter had just met. But most of the moms and dads seemed to be quite up to date on the Disney Channel's who's who. I recognized Mitchell Musso, Kyle Massey, Moises Arias, Jason Dolley, Selena Gomez, and a Cheetah Girl as they walked to the set.

On Friday as the games came to a close, a red carpet event and after hours party was held at Epcot. While I did not attend, I was at the Beach Club and could hear the screams of the adoring fans as the various celebrities arrived.

At the concert on Saturday night at the conclusion of the games we were treated to performances by Miley Cyrus, The Cheetah Girls, Demi Novato, Jordan Pruitt and the Jonas Brothers.

Miley Cyrus premiered two news songs. I absolutely love Miley’s new song “Fly on the Wall” and was amazed at the number of little girls who not only knew all the words but knew all the dance moves to “See You Again.” Among the other artists I enjoyed Demi Lovato’s performance of “That’s All You Know” from Enchanted, that will be featured on the upcoming Disneymania 6. Demi seemed particularly excited to be performing and after her first number shared that it was her first performance before a large audience. She seemed to feed off the crowd energy. Based on crowd response it was clear that Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers are at the top of their game right now.

And even though the rains came we stayed and so did most everyone else. Thankfully they didn't last long and never became a Florida downpour. The concert was great. And I look forward to next year's events which seems possible based on reports in the Orlando Sentinel.

As we left the concert, we were given a Disney Channel Games event poster listing the four competing team names along with the stars on each team and it seemed like the perfect item to get signed by the participants. And I began to think about how since the concerts as well as the games themselves were television shoots with cameras prohibited and the event seems to draw more and more people each year perhaps its finally time for my dream to come true. My dream of a …

Disney Channel Weekend – the ultimate fan fest for anyone who loves the Disney Channel. Just imagine the passion and dedication of the Super Soap Weekend fan base but with much more energy and higher pitched screams. A chance to see favorite stars up close in the midst of your family vacation.

In my dream, it would borrow elements from Super Soap Weekends, ESPN the Weekend and ABC Primetime Weekends. A 3 day event over a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I'd plan it for a month or so before the next Disney Channel original film or series. If they had one this weekend they could've showcased "Camp Rock" but based on the crowd response to the Jonas Brothers at the events I suspect its ratings will also score well although I was surprised by the relatively lower number of girls singing along to the recently premiered songs from the film. But back to my dream….

Among the event highlights would be the Disney Channel Stars motorcade – similar to what they did this week (but this week they didn’t publicize it). Perhaps there would be different stars on different shows, although given the popularity of some these youngsters it might help to have all each day.

Over at the Beauty and the Beast stage a celebrity host perhaps Brian Stepanek, who plays Arwin on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and served as host for the Disney Channel Games, or maybe an ABC entertainment reporter could moderate an open question and answer session. Perhaps it should be a Disney Channel surfer. Put three or four stars from select shows on a panel answering questions posed by terribly nervous young fans. They could also show tv clips –or- bloopers. They could not only highlight those who faces we know but bring in the some of those amazing people who bring Phineas & Ferb to life as well. It would be fun to learn more about the voice talents or creative talents. I had the chance to see the team behind Kim Possible a few times and they were terribly entertaining and it could open new career ideas for young creative minds.

Inside the theater that currently features the story of Walt Disney story they could showcase previews for the upcoming Disney Channel original film or series along with bloopers, highlights of current popular favorites. They did something similar during Star Wars Weekends featuring behind the scenes footage from the recent trilogy.

Offer locations throughout the park with autograph opportunities through FP distribution like they do for Super Soap Weekends.

Temporarily transform Sounds Dangerous into a Disney Channel game show with a variety of Disney Channel prize packs available. And over at the soon to open American Idol attraction feature a Disney Channel celebrity judge just for fun.

The Sorcerer Stage could feature performances by the variety of Disney Record labels artists that would be appropriate to the Disney Channel target demo.

I’m not sure where but I’d love to see various Disney Channel costumes on display and would enjoy a temporary overlay of the ABC commissary with Disney Channel programming or at the very least highlighting the tween programming on ABC instead of the current video loop.

Perhaps I’ve given this too much thought… but I had some time to kill while waiting for friends at Beaches & Cream (they had to have a kitchen sink before concluding their vacation).