An evil plot to destroy the world. Enjoy.

So Disney has joined an evil plot to destroy the world when they joined Hulu by gaining an equity stake as well as supplying the site with video content from ABC, ABC Family, SoapNet, and Disney Channel.  I think this is a great move.  When ABC launched their video player, they broke new ground.  But when News Corp and NBC Universal started Hulu, they created a destination for professional content online.  And while viewers that want to watch Lost might head to, viewers that are looking for something to watch, will go to Hulu. 

Disney also gets a substantial piece of an internet destination. failed because internet people will be more successful in creating a web destination.  But entertainment people will be successful in creating an entertainment destination, whether it is a TV network or a website.  Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion.  If Hulu is going to rival YouTube, which many pundits believe will happen, how much is Hulu worth?  It’s true that Hulu hasn’t sold a lot of ads, and you make more if people watch the shows on TV than you do if they watch it online; but now would not be the time to judge the success of internet  advertising as the ad market is anything but stable at this point in time.  But if advertisers want to reach people, they will have to migrate to the internet eventually, and Disney needs to occupy many places in that market. 

Disney, now more than ever, needs to create content people want to see.  In the end, I doubt it will really matter if they watch it on TV, iTunes,, or Hulu.  As long the public is watching it in some way, Disney will be successful.  So grab your remote or your computer and enjoy. 

Quick Takes:

Studio Entertainment: Looks like Disney ended up planting 2.7 million trees thanks to that many moviegoers seeing Earth during its opening week.  I admit that I am not a True-Life Adventures fan, but I really did enjoy Earth.  I think I can handle one Disney Nature film a year and look forward to Oceans, though I doubt they will plant trees for a film about the Ocean. 

Parks and Resorts:  The Sun Wheel has reopened as Mickey’s Fun Wheel.  This is the first re-branded attraction of the DCA redo, and I have mixed feelings.  I think the Sun Wheel was the one DCA icon that actually worked and developed its identity.  However, I do like the end result and I am sure I will get used to it.  Now if they could only get rid of the Maliboomer….. 

Disney Interactive Media:  Disney 365 talks to Demi Lovato about her upcoming tour.  I’ll be seeing her in August when she comes to the Pyramid. 

Consumer Products: Disney is launching DigiComics which will allow you to download comics to your mobile device.  Do you think it will work? 

Who is Celebrating: Today is Will Arnett’s birthday.  He stars in Disney’s G-Force.  I hope the American League hits a Grand Slam during the All-Star Game so I can see the movie for free.  This time, it counts.   

Video of the Day: An analyst on CNBC’s Fast Money tells viewers to get off the Disney roller coaster and sell the stock in advance of tomorrow’s earnings announcement.   I hope he is wrong.  We will find out tomorrow.  In any case, I should correct him.  Disney doesn’t have roller coasters.  They have roller coaster type rides. 

News from Around the Web:

ABC News:  The Blackberry Curve outsold the iPhone last month.  See what happens when Steve Jobs goes on leave?  Sigh. 

NY Times:  Ties between Apple and Google are being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission.  See what happens when Steve Jobs goes on leave?  Sigh.

USA Today: USA Today looks at May on TV.  They pick a show for every day of the month and ABC got ten mentions!  Take that CNBC guy.    

LA Times: The LA Times reports that the premiere of Disney Channel’s Jonas did not burn up the ratings being the worst live-action series premiere since 2005’s Life with Derek.  That being said, the show did top the kids and tweens ratings for the night with 4 million viewers.  I guess the trash can needed a bigger part.     

Orlando Sentinel:  The Orlando Sentinel reviewed the new Manta coaster at Sea World.  I got to go to an event tonight and try it.  It is awesome!  The queue, aquariums, the ride, and experience were all the best at the park.  It will probably be my top Central Florida attraction opening this year. 

Variety:  Looks like the studios and the theaters are starting to battle regarding who is going to pay for the 3D glasses you need to watch Digital 3D features.  I think Time Warner should pay for all of them.  Just my two cents.