Comedy Warehouse: Open for Business?!

I made the, some would call crazy, decision to travel to the Walt Disney World Resort this past New Year’s Eve to ring in 2014. I spent the previous day at Hollywood Studios, a quick trip to Animal Kingdom, and then a leisurely night strolling the Boardwalk. Yet, on New Year’s Eve day I had one goal in mind…to see as many showings of the Comedy Warehouse Holiday Special as I possibly could.

Comedy Warehouse, for those who aren’t aware, was a club at Pleasure Island that opened in 1989. As the years moved on, the show transformed from a sketch show making fun of Disney vacations into an improv show that was risque enough to make is fun, but clean enough that it would allow kids with parent supervision. I first found clips of it online in 2008…unfortunately post-closing. I immediately became obsessed, watching every sketch or song I could find and finding out any information I could on the actors. Many of the stars of the show moved onto to other things at Disney (some moved to the American Idol Experience, while others, like my favorite Krista, moved to be part of the women’s comedy troupe in the Italy pavilion at EPCOT).

A few years ago, they announced that the show would return as part of a limited engagement during the busy holiday season for two weeks. I knew I couldn’t attend, but I was stoked to be able to see some new material posted online. It started off in the Sounds Dangerous Theater, but its success led to it moving to the larger Premiere Theatre the following year. The new version of the show was cut to half an hour, cleaned up a bit, and given a holiday theme.

Over the course of 2 days, I went to 7 shows, each one different and each one hilarious. I saw the people I had been yearning to see for years (Mary, Krista, Jeanette, the amazing Lisa) and I couldn’t have been happier. I went up to Krista after one show and made myself look like a crazy, but I just had to express how I happy I was to be able to see this in person.

That got me thinking…why isn’t this permanent? Every show was very full and every show had people in stitches. When they opened the show, they always explained that everything in Hollywood is based on a collaborative effort, which is what improv is based on, and that is a great reason for it to be at DHS. No show at the park allows the park guests to be a part of its creation in such a fun and unique way.

I really think bringing in this fantastic show in a permanent form would be a great addition to the park. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

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