Podcast #205: Mouse Madness
Date: March 14 2014
Length: 82:00


Mouse Madness: This week the LPP talk about the Captain America: Winter Soldier red carpet, the departure of Disney exec Anne Sweeney and what it means for Disney’s CEO hunt, Disney Channel past and present, and Starbucks and the future of Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney. Plus listener voicemail, email and Twitter questions, FanBoy’s amazing Frontierland/Tomorrowland revelation, 50 words or less on Non-Stop and the announcement of the brackets for our Mouse Madness Best of Disney Tournament.


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Your Panel

This panel for this week’s show is…

Doobie: The co-owner of Doobie has been a Disney fan since 1995 and has visited Disneyland and Walt Disney World literally thousands of times though he’s never worked there. His favorite attractions are the restaurants. Doobie is the father of a 5 year old little boy named Gideon and an often annoying dog named Happy.

Rebekah: The other co-owner of and Doobie’s wife. She’s a life-long Disney fan who’s also visited Disneyland and Walt Disney World thousands of times. She’s a big fan of the 70s Disney, especially the 70s Mickey Mouse Club. She’s the sensible one in the crew (just checkout podcast #19 for proof). She also has a 5 year old little boy – the same one.

FanBoy: FanBoy knows his Disney from both the fan perspective and the business perspective. But he argues a lot.

Alex: The newest member of the crew is a fan of all things Disney and is in the process of watching – and reviewing – every Disney film ever made, in order, at

– Posted March 14, 2014


Your Laughing Place Podcast Crew – Fanboy, Alex and Kyle.



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