In this day and age a water park is normal place in most areas of the US, but 25 years ago the water park craze had just started. Walt Disney World already had one “water park” in the long shuttered River Country, but due to over crowding and the major expansion that was happening such as adding a third theme park  to become a even bigger vacation destination Typhoon Lagoon was born.


The park is very different from your basic water park because this one has a full theme from gate to exit. As the story goes a giant typhoon struck the Lake Buena Vista area and wrecked havoc on this once beautiful area, causing ships to be overturned and even thrown on the top of Mount Mayday.



Overall Disney’s Typhon Lagoon has changed very little since it opened on June 1st of 1989. In fact other then the addition of the Crush n’ Gusher water coaster in 2005 the park has remained a beautiful park to do a few thrill slides or enjoy the Castaway Creek in effort to escape the busy parks and Florida heat!



As I said if you want to do some of the thrill slides they have a few including Humunga Kowabunga, a “speed slide” down Mount Mayday where you can reach speeds up to 39 miles per hour.



Or if you want to learn to surf the old fashion way, they even offer lessons before the park opens (addition cost) in one of the worlds largest wave pools. But during park hours it is also a great place just to do some body surfing or just bob along with some “choice waves” as our friend Crush would say!




For me one of the biggest draws to this beautiful park has always been the Shark Reef area. This hidden gem give you a chance to snorkel your way across a saltwater reef and see sharks, rays, and other fish at your own pace.





If you are going for the speed slides, sharks, to get a tan, or just float along in Castaway Creek something thing you can’t avoid noticing is how beautiful and well themed this 25 year old park is!