i-rLgL7Ww-MWe all are guilty of indulging in our inner diva (or divo). We could be in the car driving to work, in the shower getting ready for the day, or just cleaning the house when the moment strikes and we can’t help but belt out a vocal masterpiece. For us Disney fans we are a lucky bunch! There is a wealth of treasured songs from award winning musical scores to choose from. At present, there is no musical score more engaging then that of Frozen. The beautiful songs from this animated film have been setting records, winning awards, and are truly excellent fodder for those moments when we just can’t help but burst into song. Luckily, Disney has recently created and released Disney Karaoke: Frozen, an app sure to satisfy every Disney fan’s inner star.

Available for  iOS, Disney Karaoke: Frozen is available to download through iTunes for $7.99. This entertaining app is worth every penny! Disney Karaoke: Frozen is pretty much what the title of the game describes, a fun app that allows you to sing along to your favorite Frozen songs, but it takes normal karaoke to a new, interactive level. Once the app is downloaded you will need to then download the various songs from Frozen. Impressively, Frozen Karaoke includes all of the songs from the movie; “Frozen Heart”,” Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”, “For the First Time in Forever”, “Love is an Open Door”, “Let it Go”, “Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People”, “In Summer”, and “Fixer Upper.” The fact that all the lyric based musical numbers were included with this app was something I really liked. I enjoy all the music, however, unlike many fans my favorite song from Frozen is not “Let it Go” but “Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People”. The variety of songs is a wonderful asset and much appreciated.


Disney Karaoke: Frozen is completely user friendly regardless of age, offering simple and clear instructions as well as icons. After choosing your song, a new screen pops onto the screen and this is where the magic happens! At this point, it is important to ensure your microphone is enabled on your device. The majority of the screen is taken up by the actual song animation from the movie Frozen. On the bottom of the device screen is a record button, play/pause button, and microphone button. It couldn’t be any easier! To start your song, push a button, to record your masterpiece, push the button until it turns red. Like the typical karaoke we all know, the lyrics are displayed at the bottom of the animation with a bouncing snowflake to help you keep your spot. I think it’s fair to say that I am not the most technologically savvy person, so I really enjoyed how easy it was to begin recording and begin the song. No instructions were needed and it seemed extremely intuitive.

You can stop recording at any time during your karaoke performance. Once the song is stopped, it is saved into your gallery. Here, you are able to listen to your version of Frozen favorites or share them through social media outlets. My absolute favorite aspect of the app comes when you play back your performance. Instead of just solely listening to your voice over the orchestration, the play-back is much more interesting. The animated sequence from your respected song plays and your recorded play-back syncs with the animation allowing you to essentially voice the character!!! I just loved this! I got such a kick out of hearing my voice coming from Elsa. I mean, lets be honest with ourselves…who hasn’t dreamed of voicing a Disney character?


Overall, I was pleasantly pleased and surprised by Disney Karaoke: Frozen. I loved how user friendly the entire app was – I never once became frustrated attempting to figure out how to go about choosing, recording, and/or playing back a song. Hearing my voice while watching the animation was such an unexpected treat. If you love yo sing and dream of being in an animated Disney movie, don’t delay – purchase this app and settle in for a fun time!


FanBoy is a Disney dweeb who has worked at Disneyland and Walt Disney World



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