For those of us who have vacationed in Walt Disney World, we know that planning our trip is half the fun! Researching theme parks and attractions, perusing restaurant menus online, and finding the perfect resort only helps to build the anticipation.  As airline prices soar and park ticket costs increase, it has become more and more important to look for savings.  I know…savings in Walt Disney World!? It seems to be an oxymoron. But with the help of Lou Mongello, from wdwradio.com, and his new book 102 Ways to Save Money For and At Walt Disney World you can easily save on your next Walt Disney World vacation.

Mongello, now a Florida native, is no stranger to the published word as his two previously published works feature Walt Disney World trivia. In his newest work (published March 2014), Mongello’s writing style is fluid and condensed offering the reader the most amount of information in the simplest way possible.  This is a definite plus for those new to The Vacation Kingdom.   Published by Second Star Media and 198 pages, 102 Ways to Save Money For and At Walt Disney World is broken into 14 well organized sections helping the reader plan his/her trip from the very beginning to the (sad) end.

The book is currently offered in 2 formats each with their own unique assets.  The electronic or kindle format is available for download at amazon.com for $9.99.  This format allows the reader to fully take immediate advantage of the many helpful and informative links to wdwradio.com podcasts and blog entries.  Not to mention it is in full color. The printed format is available as a paperback at amazon.com for $13.99. For those readers, like myself, that are more “hands on” the physical book offers the opportunity to mark pages and write notes on the pages. (Ok! I know this is available with Kindles, but it’s a little different). The links and other internet references are still available but require a little work on the reader’s part to access.

The content is great – simplified, easy to follow, and applicable to every Walt Disney World vacation regardless of budget.  I especially like how Mongello makes a point to highlight exact percentage and dollars saved following certain tips.  As a Walt Disney World vacationer veteran, I was not sure if there would be any new information that I could use. However, I found myself pleasantly surprised as I marked one page after another with helpful money-saving advice.  His recommendations are relevant for both adults traveling alone or with any age of children. I particularly found his section on 40 free things to enjoy, eat, and collect entertaining. I cannot wait to check them off my list next time I visit Walt Disney World.

Whether you are vacationing at Walt Disney World for the first time or are a Disney Vacation Club Member, I highly recommend picking up a copy of Mongello’s 102 Ways to Save Money For and At Walt Disney World.  Take your time reading and marking off suggestions and get ready to save some dough!