As Olaf says, “Winter’s a great time to stay in and cuddle.” That’s just what William wants to do in a new Children’s Book from Disney Hyperion, William’s Winter Nap. Grab some hot cocoa and cuddle up with your kids as you share this charming story about sharing.

William is ready for a long winter snooze, but every time he closes his eyes, a neighboring animal knocks and asks to join him. William is always enthusiastic about being able to “scooch a bit” in this rhyming story, but as it goes on his bed begins to fill up. When a bear comes to ask for some room, how can he possible accommodate such a large animal?

William’s Winter Nap not only touches on the subject of sharing, but also learning to be flexible. Linda Ashman’s story is full of charm, but there’s a simple lesson that is hard for most toddlers. Parents will be able to use William as an example that it’s good to share and that sometimes, plans change and that’s okay.

Chuck Groenink provides the illustrations and they will make you want to dive into William’s cozy winter cottage. You can almost smell the fireplace, hear it crackling, and feel the chill from the windowsill. His illustration style is very charming and I’ve read one other book illustrated by him, another Disney release called The Friend Ship.

William’s Winter Nap makes a perfect bedtime story during the entire winter season. If your kids love animals, they will delight in seeing all of William’s cuddle buddies and they can pretend they’re William by filling their bed with their stuffed animals. And since the story is about trying to get to sleep, the power of suggestion will likely make parent and child alike ready to hit the hay.


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