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Recently, Disney announced a new licensing strategy for their mobile games, and today we get the first result of that new vision. Disney and PerBlue have released Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, a mid-level role-playing game for iOS and Android.

The game starts with our heroes entering a weird world where it appears that they are battling “glitched” villains including takes on their friends who seem conflicted between battling and befriending their compatriots. Disney Heroes features a range of characters from the Pixar and Disney films. While it may seem strange to see them in “battle mode,” the heroes featured are from the action based Disney properties.

While free-to-play games with in-app purchases will always be controversial, the purchases are not a requirement to make progress in the game. In fact, there are so many forms of gameplay, as soon as you cap out on one, there is another way to play without having to pay to reset your clock. But while other action RPGs make things very complicated, very fast, this game rolls out new features slowly so you have a chance to grasp the various game play modes and power ups that round-out the game. In fact, it is this pacing, which has made Disney Heroes my favorite game in this genre.

There is a lot to enjoy about this game, so expect more articles about it as we progress through the game and new features are unlocked.

After about 3 days of playing, I am currently at level 32, so here are the game modes that I have unlocked so far:


This is the main story mode, of which I am currently in Chapter 5. As you progress through the battles, you get some story clues as to what is going on. In addition to Normal Mode, where you win gold and power ups, there is also Elite Mode where you can win character chips that can add new characters or stars to existing characters. The final campaign mode is Friends Mode where selected combinations of characters battle together to complete side missions and win fabulous prizes.


This is where you can join friends to gain extra in-game benefits. The more guild members, the more in-game rewards you get. This is the time to shamelessly plug the “Laughing Place” guild. Once you get to Level 15, help you fellow Laughing Place readers out by joining so we can get rewards for each other.


This is where you can use gold and diamonds to purchase various types of power-ups. The market resets several times a day, so you never know what you may find here.


Each day of the week, heroes can battle here to get powerups. There are three different colors of teams, soEach hero is assigned a team so they can only battle on their assigned day. There are also various difficulty levels so you can win higher levels of powerups.

  • Red Team (Sunday, Tuesday, Friday) WALL-E and The Incredibles Characters
  • Blue Team (Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday) Toy Story and Wreck-It Ralph Characters
  • Yellow Team (Sunday, Monday, Thursday) Zootopia, Monsters Inc, and Pirates Characters


These are side missions where selected characters play together in order to get rewards. So far, the one that I have participated in is “Sugar Rushed” where Ralph has to help Vanellope hurry back to her game for today’s big race.


This is a daily battle mode where guild players work together to complete a campaign. Once a character is used, they cannot be used again, so everyone has to work together.

The Port

The Port offers two battle modes that are open different days of the week. The Docks are open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. The Warehouse is open Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. At The Docks you gain XP potions while at The Warehouse you can win shipping containers of gold. You can fight twice a day.

City Watch

This is a daily campaign where the characters power and health are carried over from battle to battle. The further you get, the more rewards received. But be careful, since health is carried over, once the character is knocked out, they won’t be playable for the rest of the campaign.


This is where you can pick up daily crates including Gold Crates, Diamond Crates, Guild Crates, and VIP Crates.

Sign In

Here you can get a daily sign in bonus. Unlike other games, these can be quite valuable, so don’t forget to pick them up.


This is your player vs player mode. You can battle other players to get rewards. If you are able to hang-on to a ranking, you win prizes. There are various levels of difficulty and as you progress you enter leagues with similarly ranked players.

Black Market

This extra market allows you to buy mid-level items for gold and diamonds. The Black Market can be found occasionally when raiding after Team Level 31.

Areas That I Have Not Unclocked Yet

  • Mega Mart (Level 41)
  • Enhahcement (Level 35)
  • Coliseum (Level 44)

Heroes (as of worldwide launch)

  • WALL-E (2-Star)
  • EVE (3-Star)
  • Jessie (2-Star)
  • Emperor Zurg (2-Star)
  • Rex (3-Star)
  • Woody (2-Star)
  • Buzz Lightyear (3-Star)
  • Jack Sparrow (1-Star)
  • Ralph (1-Star)
  • Vanellope (1-Star)
  • Felix (2-Star)
  • Calhoun (1-Star)
  • Dash (2-Star)
  • Frozone (1-Star)
  • Elastigirl (1-Star)
  • Violet (1-Star)
  • Jack-Jack (1-Star)
  • Mr Incredible (2-Star)
  • Yax (1-Star)
  • Judy Hopps (1-Star)
  • Finnick (1-Star)
  • Chief Bogo (2-Star)
  • Nick Wilde (2-Star)
  • Mike Wazowski (3-Star)
  • Sulley & Boo (2-Star)

Bonus Diamonds:

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