There is no denying the impact and significance that Marvel’s Black Panther has had on audiences around the world. The box office success broke records, changed perceptions, and started discussions on a myriad of topics. And it doesn’t seem like it’ll be slowing down anytime soon. Fans around the world have drawn inspiration not only from the film, but also the characters. While the nation of Wakanda is fictitious, it represents themes, challenges, and victories that are very real. People want to wear items that remind them of the story and give them the sense of empowerment they felt after each viewing. Disney and Marvel have collaborated with designers and companies to deliver Black Panther collections inspired by the film, characters, and of course the nation of Wakanda.

Black Panther Collections


The story behind the Wakanda Jersey design is best told by company founder, Paakow Essandoh:

“The Wakanda Baseball Jersey was originally inspired and birthed by our followers on Twitter. Around the time the Black Panther trailer had dropped, a few followers were talking about how they wanted to wear MIZIZI to the release and some even mentioned we should design an official Wakanda Baseball Jersey. After juggling the idea around a bit, I started doing some research and saw how remarkable the opportunity for synergy was. Our mission has always been to authentically connect members of the diaspora so they can represent their roots and passionst hrough fashion. Although some may not know where their roots originated, they can feel a sense of pride or belonging in the fantasy world of Wakanda. Through Black Panther, many people are finding their roots, and we want to immortalize that connection.”


Under Armor

The company is best known for their functional and fashionable athletic wear. The Black Panther collection is focused on everyday casual wear for fans and athletes of all ages.

New Era’s My Wakanda — Alexander-John

Fans can share their love of the film with these trendy baseball caps by New Era. Designed by Alexander-John, the caps draw on the bold logos and bright colors that make Black Panther stand out.



Wu-Wear has always featured casual high-fashion clothing items and accessories that appeal to wide fan base. This year they’ve added a Wakanda shirt to their collection that’s a play off of their signature logo. Fans can purchase this shirt at Hot Topic online and in stores.


Stance might still be a young company, but they’ve made a name for themselves with their high quality and unique socks and undergarments. Unfortunately, their special fiber blends don’t contain vibranium, but they make up for it with the clever design.

The Black Panther collections shown above are available online and in stores now. Black Panther is also available on Blu-ray and Digital. If you still can’t get enough of the hero, check out these toys and collectables.



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