Last night, fans of the Star Wars franchise experienced the early back story of one of the galaxy’s most beloved characters, Han Solo. Fans on both US coasts celebrated the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story with costume contests, raffle drawings, and more. AMC at Disney Springs in Orlando, and El Capitan in Los Angles, each hosted public showings and fan events on Thursday, May 24th. Star Wars lovers of all ages came together to participate in the viewing experience as well as some other fun events.

AMC 24 at Disney Springs — Orlando, Florida

Several Imperial fans came in their unified group costumes. Impressive cosplay indeed! The theater itself, displayed banners and posters around its entrances.


El Capitan — Los Angeles, California

Prior to the evening’s main event, guests were invited to check out the costumes and props on display on the lower level of the theatre. Chewbacca, and a few stormtroopers also made an appearance. Those who felt the odds were in their favor opted into the costume contest, and a raffle drawing was also held.

Set Photographs and Sabacc Props


Character Concept Art and Costumes

Character Encounter in the Lobby

El Capitan Stage

El Capitan Shenanigans aka Fan Costume Contest

Top Five Costumes
(by audience response)

Costumes, Costumes, Costumes

Whether they loved, hated, or felt indifferent about the film is up to each fan, but we could all agree that last night’s festivities provided us with an evening of galactic fun.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is now in theaters nationwide! The film is the second standalone in the Star Wars franchise following 2016’s Rogue One.