Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2 is breaking box office records all over the world and there’s no shortage of ways for kids to keep the excitement going after the credits roll. From action figures to Happy Meals, the Parr family seems to be everywhere right now. With Incredibles 2 Read-Along Storybook and CD, they can relive the adventure anytime with a narrated book that incorporates music, sound effects, and dialogue from the film.

After getting in trouble while trying to stop the Underminer, the Parr’s have to go into hiding again. When a wealthy entrepreneur tries to change the laws to make superheroes legal again, Mrs. Incredible is recruited to help show the world why they’re necessary. But when she becomes part of a dubious plot to showcase how dangerous super powers can be, it will take the whole family coming together to save the day.

The book features original illustrations by the Disney Storybook Artists that recapture the feel and esthetic of the film in 2-D fashion. Other companies tend to just use screenshots, but not Disney Press. The quality of the art and the text will keep kids and parents engaged while listening to the CD.

The story is narrated by Cindy Robinson and when a character is quoted in text, their original voice actor appears on the disc, including Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter. Score elements by Michael Giacchino help set the mood in this auditory experience that lasts about 19-minutes.

I had a large collection of Read-Along books as a kid and am so glad that this tradition continues in an era where kids are using touch screens before they can read. There’s nothing like a real tangible book and the Incredibles 2 Read-Along Storybook and CD allows kids to enjoy this story anytime they want.


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