Quiz – Disney Presidents’ Day

With our nation celebrating Presidents’ Day today, we thought it might be fun to test your knowledge of some of the presidential features at the Disney Parks, White House roles in Disney films, individuals who have served as Presidents of Disney operations, and more.

What future President of the United States co-hosted Disneyland's opening in 1955?

What year did the Hall of Presidents open at the Magic Kingdom?

Who was the first current president to speak when he was added to the Hall of Presidents?

Prior to this, new presidents got an animatronic, but not a speaking role

What Imagineer sculpted all of the presidents in the original Hall of Presidents?

Who became the Hall of Presidents narrator in 1993?

Which Audio-Animatronic presidents speak in the current (2019) edition of the Hall of Presidents?

What comedian plays a Secret Service agent in First Kid?

Who is President of the United States during Iron Man 3?

Who was the original voice of Lincoln in Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln?

Who infamously served as the President of Disney from 1995 to early 1997?

After the answer to the prior question departed, who was the next person (other than himself) Michael Eisner named to be president of Disney?

What President of Disney has a memorial in Disneyland's Matterhorn?

What Disney classic is set against the backdrop of the 1886 Presidential election?

What character famously ran for President in 1972 and 1976?

Who is the current President of the Disneyland Resort (as of Feb 18, 2019)