Last week, Captain Marvel made a big splash at the box office and shook the foundation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now that we’ve seen it, now that it has passed, there’s nothing left. There’s nothing more standing between us and Avengers: Endgame. That is, nothing except a punishing 43-day wait.

In the meantime, Marvel is going to tease us. They know this is one of, if not the most highly-anticipated movie of all-time. Excitement is already at a fever pitch. And today, Marvel dropped a new trailer. But they couldn’t possibly show us much, right? We’ve already had a trailer and a TV spot and Captain Marvel just hit theaters. They won’t give us much more, right? Wrong! This second trailer is loaded new information and even more new questions.

The trailer opens with a tribute to the history of the MCU, giving us old shots of Iron Man, Captain America and Thor as they were introduced in their first solo movies. Interestingly enough, Hulk is left out of this. Guess they didn’t want to remind us of that time Banner kind of broke… Harlem.

We start with Tony and what we can assume is more of his speech to Pepper that we saw in the first trailer. Tony seems to have given up, saying “I know I said no more surprises, but I was really hoping to pull off one last one.”

From there, we move on to a look back at Cap with a surprise voiceover from Peggy Carter. Now this voiceover and the visuals that go with it are two completely different things so first let me explain Peggy’s words before jumping back to what we saw. Peggy says “All we can do is our best and sometimes the best that we can do is to start over.” This ties into a theory going around that the Avengers will travel back in time to undo what Thanos has done and Captain America might just remain in the 40s to be with Peggy. This certainly doesn’t affirm that theory, but it does fit.

Now, as for what else we saw mixed in with the shots of Cap’s history. We get a shot of a sad Captain before seeing Barton training a young girl with a bow and arrow. We can probably assume this is his daughter and judging by the pain on his face and his brooding new look in the next shot, we can also probably assume she was snapped.

This shot also has some interesting potential aside from just giving us a glimpse of Barton’s family. Is this going to be the MCU version of Kate Bishop? We know Marvel is moving forward with a new team of younger heroes. We could be looking at the next Hawkeye right here.

With Peggy’s voiceover continuing, we get another look at Barton’s Ronin look, which we saw in the first trailer. We’re seeing the same moment, where Black Widow is confronting him. Only this time, we see them join hands. Clearly Barton has been through some stuff and Natasha is bringing him back to the team.

That wraps up Peggy’s voiceover and the Captain America segment and we move on to old shots of Thor. We see Asgard, Thor as he appeared in his first solo film and Odin placing his hand on Thor’s shoulder, before switching to present-day Thor as he watches the aftermath of the snap. We watch some of the heroes get dusted as we saw in Infinity War as Thor provides his one line of voiceover, “I saw all these people die.”

We then get a shot of Cap talking to Widow, who is now halfway between red and blonde hair. What does it mean? Does it mean anything? Probably just that she’s going back to her original color and had to let it grow out. Moving on.

Next, we get our first look at Ant-Man in this trailer. Scott Lang is seen looking at a telephone poll covered in missing persons posters. Imagine finally escaping the Quantum Realm just to learn half of all life has disappeared. That’s what Scott is dealing with.

Also, this shot, like shots in the previous trailer, shows some overgrown trees and assorted shrubbery, indicating that some time has passed.

We then get another look at Natasha and Barton and Natasha says in voiceover, “Even if there’s a small chance, we owe this to everyone who’s not in this room to try.” While we still don’t know what this “small chance” is, she is obviously referencing all of the heroes who were snapped when she says “everyone who’s not in this room.”

We also get a look at Barton running away from an explosion as well as a teamup that I know I’m excited to see: Rocket and War Machine.

Cap then responds to Natasha, simply saying “we will” and following it with what seems to be the most important line of the whole trailer: “Whatever it takes.” That line is then repeated by Barton and Natasha as we see some action shots of several of our remaining heroes.

Most of the shots above are pretty generic aside from what appears to be an intense training session for Widow (which we saw in the TV spot) and the fact that Nebula and Cap seem to be at whatever point the final battle might be for this film.

That all leads to the most dramatic part of the trailer. The next voice we hear after Cap, Barton and Widow is… Tony!

Now I know the shot above doesn’t create much excitement because he appears to still be stranded on the ship. But it’s the shot that follows really sends Marvel fans into a fit of uncontrollable anticipation.

We once again see the Avengers making that dramatic walk that we saw in the TV spot, only this time there are a few more of them there. Cap, Natasha, Barton, Rhodes and Scott are joined by Nebula and Tony! And they’re all wearing some sort of special suits. My guess is they’re heading into the Quantum Realm to use it to travel through time.

Goosebumps. I can’t get any more excited for this movie. OH WAIT! I CAN TOTALLY GET MORE EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE!

After the title card comes up, we get one last shot of Thor coming face to face with Captain Marvel. He tries to intimidate her by holding his hand out next to her head and summoning Stormbreaker. If you saw Captain Marvel, you could probably guess that she is unimpressed by this. Naturally, Thor simply says “I like this one” to Natasha and Rhodes and laughs as the trailer comes to an end.

Keep in mind, the people at Marvel are masters of deception. What we see in trailers may not make it to the final product and what does may be drastically altered. So take all of this with a Thanos-size handful of salt. That being said, it looks like Tony and Nebula are back and Captain Marvel has joined the team. I can’t wait for Avengers: Endgame to hit theaters April 26.