Disney recently held a press conference and expo for the upcoming Avengers: Endgame. For those looking for clues as to where the film is headed, there was little discussion about plot. In fact, only two brief scenes were shown to the media, including the same scene that was shown at the Shareholder Meeting. (In an effort to keep this spoiler-free, we will not discuss what was shown.)

Even the marketing won’t reveal if anyone survived the snap. The poster doesn’t feature them and they have not been making the publicity rounds such as GMA and Jimmy Kimmel Live. In fact, when the press conference started, they kept the empty seats, only some of which were filled by participants who were not present the first go-around such as Brie Larson.


That’s not to say that we did not learn anything about the film. Here is what we did learn from the cast and crew:

  • Brie Larson filmed Endgame before Captain Marvel
  • Chris Evans believes Endgame is a great conclusion to Captain America’s character arc
  • The cast loves to play Bogle, though they disagree on who is the best at it.

Also on display were costumes from Endgame, but once again, only from those that survived the snap.

There was also a collection of props from the Marvel Cinematic Universe on hand including the damaged Iron Man helmet from Endgame.

While we may not have learned a lot about what happens, everyone did agree that this film will be an ending for the 22-film saga that began with Iron Man. Of course, Marvel will still be making films, but that this is a culmination of what they originally set out to build and the Infinity Stone / Thanos story that had been percolating for a while.

While there will be more Marvel, they want this to be a satisfying conclusion. Of course, how they came to get there won’t be revealed for a few more weeks. But while the cast could not comment on specifics, you did get a sense of melancholy as they know they will never be gathered together in this way again. The interwoven narrative helped foster a family atmosphere and many alluded to the fact that they will miss each other.

That being said, any sadness was overcome with excitement and fun. An example of levity was Paul Rudd, was even spotted wearing a Jeremy Renner t-shirt as we waited in the lobby. When Rudd asked a kid if he knew who was on his shirt, the kid replied Captain America, much to Rudd’s delight.

Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame may be hard to discuss since we know so little, but that secrecy is building excitement. With shows selling-out and the film on everyone’s mind, April 26 can’t come soon enough.