I learned everything I know about cooking from my mom, who is the greatest cook I know. She was always trying out the latest Pampered Chef products and I remember her being able to make something like a homemade Uncrustables well before Smuckers began packaging and selling them. She also had this neat tool that could core and apple and spiral cut it so it was like eating a Slinky. I hadn’t explored their products as an adult, but I was excited when a box arrived from Pampered Chef in celebration of Disney·Pixar’s Toy Story 4

Pancake art has become a worldwide phenomenon. My artistic skills are pretty weak and to attempt such a feat would yield some unsavory results. But with these new Pancake molds and stencils, I’m able to make tasty treats that look like Woody, Buzz, and Three-Eyed Aliens. The fun doesn’t stop there, with a spatula themed to Forky and a flipper themed to Ham.

Making the pancakes is about as easy as a regular flapjack. The biggest difference is that you pour the batter into the flexible molds instead of loosely in the pan. Use a brush to coat the sides of the mold with oil to help release them when you’re ready to flip them over. They each have a handy tab that makes it easy to pull, but do it gently as some parts are fragile, such as the Alien’s antenna.

When the pancakes are done, place the stencil over them and sprinkle powdered sugar to add facial features to each character. They look much more professional than anything like this I’ve ever tried before. It’s a really fun way to add a touch of Disney to an everyday food item.

I had a lot of fun taking breakfast time “To infinity and beyond” with these Pampered Chef pancake molds and utensils themed to Toy Story 4. These come as a set from Pampered Chef for $45. The molds and flipper are machine washable, while the spatula and stencils are hand wash only and easy to clean. The price may be a little high, but keep in mind that Pampered Chef products are very high quality and where else can you get pancake stencils and materials styled after your favorite toys from Bonnie’s room?