Scentsy continues to delight Disney fans with surprise releases and the newest one is themed to The Lion King, just in time for the live action film to hit theaters on July 19th. The collection debuted today with a new fragrance called “Circle of Life” and a Simba Scentsy Buddy. It expands on July 15th with two new Scentsy Buddy Clips themed to Timon and Pumbaa. Here is everything available in the collection.

Circle of Life Scentsy Bar

The hallmark of the Scentsy brand has always been their Scentsy Bars, the wax cubes that work with their warmer systems. The fragrance is called “Circle of Life” and is comprised of golden amber, sandalwood, and vanilla. The collection just launched and the Scentsy Bar is currently only available in a bundle with the Simba Scentsy Buddy, but you can get it through the recurring Scentsy Club subscription program.

Simba Scentsy Buddy and Scent Pak

Everyone’s favorite lion cub is now available in huggable Scentsy Buddy form. These are stylized stuffed animals with long corrugated arms and legs. A zippered pouch in the back of the plush allows you to add a Scent Pak, which is a beaded bag of fragrance. You can get Simba with a “Circle of Life” Scent Pak in a bundle for $35. If you want the aforementioned Scentsy Bar, you can get all three in a Scentsy Bar Bundle for $40. And taking feedback from previous releases, Scentsy also sells the “Circle of Life” Scent Pak on its own for $7.50, allowing you to stock up on refills for your buddy. Or if you don’t want the plush but like the fragrance, a Scent Pak is a great way to liven up a small space like a closet.

Timon & Pumbaa Scentsy Buddy Clips

When the Disney by Scentsy collection debuted last Fall, there were Scentsy Buddy Clips of Nemo and Dory with the “Just Keep Swimming” fragrance. These are smaller plushies with a clip, perfect for connecting to backpacks or travel bags. I got both Finding Nemo Sidekicks and the plushes are filled with the same type of beans from the Scent Paks. I bring these with me when I travel and even though I’ve had Nemo and Dory for almost a year, their fragrance is still strong enough to liven up a hotel room and I will hold them in my lap if I’m sitting on a plane next to a smelly passenger. These will be available starting July 15th and should retail for around $18 a piece.

How to Order

Scentsy products can only be ordered through a certified Scentsy Consultant. If you don’t have one, I recommend Trista. Click here to buy Scentsy products from her store and you can learn more about Scentsy products from her website,